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Who is Kamil Migas

Welcome to my Blog.

After years of trying different business online and offline, I learned exactly what works and what doesn't work. I started my journey by getting introduced to Network Marketing which wasn't the right industry for me. Thank's to Network Marketing training and community I was able to learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

On the internet, you can find many Beautiful statements on how easy it is to earn billions, but the reality is different. Everyone have some obstacles to overcome and everyone fails at something. The business growth doesn't come easily especially when you are new or when you don't know how to leverage the internet for the instant growth.

It doesn't matter if someone is an Online Marketer, the CEO of a Corporation or an owner of a small local shop. Everyone who decided to build a business and live on their own terms are Entrepreneurs.

I write on almost daily basis about personal development, marketing, business strategies etc. to help Entrepreneurs not only with the Mindset Growth but also to help them grow their business faster hoping that while their business grows they will be able to change people's lives by providing jobs and help to those who needs it.

Free Coaching


Do you have obstacles or fears which you can't overcome? Wondering how to take your business to the next level? I am here to Help You! Book 50min Free Coaching Session
How To Make Money


Learn the secrets of Online Business. All the technologies and strategies of Affiliate Marketing in your pocket. The one and only Book that reveals all Online Money Making Secrets.
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Working together is not only about making money. It's also about commitments and growth. Looking for a Business Partner and a Coach? Join My Mastermind Group Today!.
Live Events


Nothing impacts more an Entrepreneur than a Live Event full of World-class Trainers. Live events also give you the opportunity to build strong Business connections with other attendees.

What others say about Kamil Migas


Dear Kamil. Many thanks for my dear tutor Kamil. He guide me a right path and help me to find my roots of problems. I am a Chinese, I am living in Wuhan city of China now. I am studying for my PhD degree, but I often worked inefficiently. I feel very worried and depressed, I think I am a loser.
After I had a chat with Kamil, I finally knew that why I can’t do everything efficiently and what person I want to be. At the same time, Kamil told me that how to find a right path for mine.
I am very grateful for this free consultation from Kamil, thanks for his kindness and help.


Having a 15 years background in the video game Industry I have had the chance to work alongside a lot of highly skilled programmers and technical people. My work experience with Kamil has been one of the best. On top of being highly skilled and knowledgeable Kamil is a hard worker who is very professional, communicates well and is able to think outside of the box to provide solutions when needed. Also, every time he is on a task he executes his work quickly and effectively. I highly recommend him for your online business needs.

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