Jessica Higdon and her 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula helped people succeed. Learn great Social Media Recruiting strategies in this post! 10k-social-media-recruiting-formula-kamil-migas

Are you struggling with recruiting people on social media ? Do you want to grow your Network Marketing Business but you are not sure how to recruit the right people? You are afraid to prospect strangers on the street and you would prefer to use one of the Social Media Recruiting methods? Listen, most of the network marketers struggle with those 3 things. You are not alone! Most of the network marketers hate cold marketing prospecting, they get stuck easily with their business and they don’t take action because of the fear. But even they are scared of prospect strangers they somehow sign people up and rank up fast!

You might wonder how they do it, but the answer is simple. They follow and learn from leaders in their niche. What do you think, how your business could growth if a person who already succeed took you by a hand and showed you exactly how to make it happen? This is exactly what Jessica Higdon is doing. She helps network marketers who are stuck, she shares recruiting strategy examples and scripts so you could grow your business stress-free.

Before I write a little bit more about my friend Jessica Higdon and her amazing Social Media Recruiting Training I wanted to share with you some tips to help you grow your business.

MLM Recruiting Secrets

Relationships. It’s not easy to recruit someone during the first conversation. It happens, when you find a person who is already fired up for network marketing. But, more effective way especially when it comes to social media recruiting is to build a rapport. People buy and join people who they trust, so you should build a relationship with your prospects.

I know you want to sign people up and build that residual income by working from home, but if you don’t build a connection with your prospects they probably won’t even watch your business presentation.

Ask The Right Questions. As I mentioned before, it’s possible to sign someone up quickly. For that, you need to ask the right questions and I am not talking about asking them “do you want to join my biz?”. Asking the right question like “what do you do“, “why you need the money” or “do you have a plan” is very important because you can know the real reason of why they are looking for an additional income. It’s the emotional trigger that makes people buy stuff, use services or join teams. Your job is to find their pain and present your MLM Business Opportunity as a solution to their problems.

Don’t get emotional when you hear “NO”. Network Marketing is an amazing business, but many people don’t understand it and based on some negative people’s opinion people think that it’s a scam. When you prospect people on Social Media, you will get rejected many times. But think of what is more important to you. An opinion of someone who has no idea about the business or a new member in your awesome team?

Many network marketers get emotional and start to feel depressed when they hear get rejected. But this is a process of network marketing recruiting. Don’t forget that ever “NO” get’s you closer to the “YES”.

Be Professional. Network marketing is not a game or a hobby, it’s a business. When you want to become a Network Marketing Pro Recruiter on social media your social media accounts should look professional. I guess you don’t want to sign someone who’s social profile photo looks terrible? Or the things that they are sharing is all negative or some kind of teenage things. When you are focusing on social media recruiting you to need to know that people are going to check your profiles. People want to know if you are just playing or if you are serious. Jessica Higdon talks a lot about social media profiles and in her videos, you can see exactly how to make your profile look super professional and super attractive.

Posture. If you want to recruit a lot of people to your network marketing business I have only 4 words to say: You Have The Deal. Many people make mistake asking and begging someone to look at their presentation. They are desperate so much that they would even pay people to watch their MLM Presentation. Totally Bad Move! Understand that you have the tool to change people’s lives. You have something that could help people get out of debt and provide a better lifestyle for them and their families. You don’t have to beg people to watch your videos, people should ask you to let them watch your presentation. This is a posture you should have and if someone is negative and gives you a hard time, just let them go. Focus on those who are positive and serious because with this kind of people you can build an empire.

These are 5 powerful tips that will help you recruit more people to your business. You should use them not only during the social media recruiting, but when you are prospecting someone offline as well.

10K Social Media Recruiting Formula

Jessica Higdon and her training changed many people’s lives. Jessica and her husband Ray Higdon are leaders in network marketing profession and they are focusing on helping others grow.

The 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula is a perfect training for someone who is stuck with the network and affiliate marketing business. Yes! Her strategy works with an affiliate marketing business as well. She recorded step by step videos where she shows exactly how to prepare social media profiles, what to share on your social media account to attract the right people and she gives you copy and paste scripts to use for massive social media recruiting.

This is what you can get from her training videos:

1. How to make social media accounts look professional
2. What to post on the social media to attract the right people.
3. How to connect with people on social media.
4. How to make people open and response to your messages.
5. Where to find perfect prospect on social media
6. Prospecting and Closing scripts that works!
And many more powerful things that will help you recruit better and recruit faster on social media.

10K Social Media Recruiting Formula is not a training that you get bored watching. Jessica’s training is very entertaining and her laugh will make you smile ;) The Jessica Higdon Network Marketing Leader can teach you how to recruit people on social media with a smile on your face!

Enough from me, let Jessica Higdon explain more about her training and how it can help you grow your business.

You can watch Jessica’s Videos here to learn more

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