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November 20, 2014
Numbers, Fear, Network Marketing and Small Discovery About People
November 30, 2014

Have you ever feel Fear, Doubt or had many Excuses when you were planning to do something? Read today’s post to learn how to Overcome Fear.Overcome Fear - Kamil Migas Blog

What if there was a method that will help you overcome Fear, Doubt and will not let you focus on some lame excuse anymore? If you knew how to take action even you are full of fear, even you have a doubt or you have 15 excuses what will that mean to you? Do you think your life could be easier or you could grow your business faster?

There can be hundreds of examples so I am not going to write all of them. Only you know what stops you from getting what you want. You know it’s either fear or doubt or some lame excuse.

I put a lot of attention on personal development and recently I watched few videos about this topic and found out that there is actually a method to get what you want EVEN you are scared; even you have a doubt or thousands of excuses. This method is simple but it’s not easy. If you could apply it, you will become unstoppable and you will get whatever you want.

Overcome Fear - Kamil Migas BlogThis method is called
“5 seconds rule”. Our brain and mind can process information pretty fast. Notice when you look at something you don’t see it 3 seconds later but you see it at the same moment as you look at it. Is that correct? Great. This could be a proof that our brain works amazingly fast.
It takes a little bit longer for a mind to connect feelings with thoughts. So when you get some idea (thought) it takes about 5 seconds for your mind to create feeling like fear, doubt, excitement, love etc. A simple method to get and do what you truly want is to TAKE ACTION in less than 5 seconds after you get an idea (a thought).

What do I mean by that?
Maybe some examples will make it clear for you:
1. You are in a club and you see some cute girl / handsome guy Overcome Fear - Blog Post Kamil Migasstanding somewhere in that club.
Now you got a thought “wow, I just need to talk to him/her” and if you don’t take immediate action after about 5 seconds your mind will give you doubts or excuses which will stop you from talking to that person. After about 5 seconds your mind will start to spam all over you: “I’m not cute/handsome enough to talk to him/her”, “for sure she/he is not here alone”, “I will just get embarrassed”, “what will I say?”, “how she/he will react?” etc.

Blog Post - Overcome Fear2. You see a sharp person walking somewhere in Shopping Mall. Your mind created an impulse of thought: “this sharp person would be a perfect teammate for my business!”.
Now you got about 5 seconds to take action. If you don’t take ANY action after 5 seconds your mind will pull your “comfort zone break” by telling you something like this:
-“well, he has better things to do”.
-“I can’t just say Hi and prospect him/her, what that person will think about me?”.
-“I’m not wearing proper close for talking about business”.
-“What if….” etc.

As you see, if you want to get what you want and if you want to grow your business you need to take immediate action if you don’t you will get doubt, you will feel fear and you will find at least 8 excuses to not take any action.

Overcome Fear

The Action you need to take doesn’t matter but it needs to be something that will make your Body Move before your mind pulls Comfort Zone Break.How To Overcome Fear If you see somebody you want to talk to just say, “Excuse me” or “hi” or whatever! If that person is far and it will take longer than 5 seconds to get close enough to talk to that person just do some action that will lead you to the conversation. For example, you could start to walk faster, move your hands to your pocket to grab pen and paper to prepare for getting that person’s contact information, it doesn’t matter what Just do something! (By the way running away is not a proper action ;) ) If you just keep thinking longer than 5 seconds without any motion your mind will produce more and more crap and with every next second, it will be more and more difficult to take proper action.

You can try it out if you don’t believe me.
Next time you get an idea or powerful thought just take immediate action, write your thought on the paper, tell it to somebody, start researching on the web for that idea, just don’t keep it only in your head for longer than 5 seconds.

I hope you liked this post and you will start to take immediate action before your Fear, Doubt and Excuse show up.

Please comment below and tell me what you think about this method and share this post with people who you think need some help with taking action, getting out of comfort zone, struggles with Fear, Doubt and have many excuses that stop them from getting what they want.

 Have a great day!

Kamil Migas Post - Overcome Fear

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