Affiliate Sales: How To Get Clients

Curious how to get clients? Affiliate marketing secret is not forcing a prospect to buy but to make a prospect feel he needs your product.

How would you feel when someone kinda forces you to buy their product because it’s the best product ever? When people do it to me, I honestly feel that they don’t care much for my needs. They just want to make that sale and make money. I used to talk to people one by one offering my amazing affiliate product, but it didn’t end up well. The biggest problem I had is that I didn’t know my prospects and I didn’t know what they really need.

When I was selling a business coaching product to someone who didn’t care about business,because their main focus was getting better health I couldn’t sell anything. It’s obvious and it’s easy to understand it right? Well, sometimes the “obvious” things are the most difficult especially when you are new to affiliate marketing or any kind of sales business.

How To Get Clients

We live in the world where walking from door to door is not working like it used to work couple fo years ago. People use to get a coffee maker and walk from the morning to night, until they sell an X number of coffee makers. These days are gone because of the TV and the Internet. But if you realized a standard TV and standard TV commercials slowly are becoming the past. Now, everything is connected to a network and you can watch your favorite movies or TV dramas on the internet. So people are not buying anymore TV’s that are not able to connect to the internet.

This is a good news for Affiliate Marketers. It’s way easier to sell products by leveraging the internet, yet so many Affiliate Marketers Struggle with making sales online and they keep asking: “How To Get Clients“.

Foundation Of Hight Ticket Sales

Most of the people who are struggling with making selling affiliate products or their own product online are the poor knowledge of basic human psychology. Think about your last online or offline shopping. You didn’t buy that pair of shoes or a new dress because someone constantly was telling you to buy it. You bought it because you felt a need of buying it. Something attracted you to buy that thing. I am sure you had a situation where you purchased a thing that you don’t even use, but somehow you had to buy it.

You purchase things because something tells you that you need it, something tells you that this is the last chance! People who really make a lot of money by affiliate marketing are using techniques that interact with your subconscious mind and the subconscious mind is way more powerful than a conscious mind.

It all starts with the attraction. Successful affiliate marketers learn basics of human’s psychology and they learn how to get people’s attention. The Attraction is the foundation of high ticket sales. So if you want to sell your products massively, you need to learn the attraction marketing and instead of forcing a prospect to check your amazing product, attract them so before they know the details they will already want to buy it.

How To Get Clients – Attract With Value

Someone said that a Value is a gold but I would say that a Value is a Gold Making Machine. Pretty images, catchy texts, and others opinion are very important in attraction marketing but nothing beats the Valuable Content. You can make money writing!

The Top Leaders are the people who put a value into the marketplace every day or at least couple of times a week. Putting a value into the marketplace is nothing more than creating a valuable content and placing it somewhere on the internet. The best place to create a valuable content is your blog of course. Your blog belongs to you and you can promote whatever you want on it. But to be able to sell anything from your blog you need to know your target market and how to attract people to your blog with their credit card in a hand.

One Thing That Every Human Wants!

How your affiliate marketing business would look like if you had a thing that everyone wants? There is 1 secret thing you can promote to make sales constantly and with this 1  thing you can make a lot of money. What do you think is that 1 thing that every human on earth wants? No, it’s not the infinite life pill. Well, maybe some people would want that but I don’t believe you have are in a position of it. It’s something that you have but you don’t share it with others…

It doesn’t really matter if you are an affiliate marketer of a health product or if you are promoting vacuum cleaners. You can sell the million dollar product even if you are not a salesman!

Let me ask you this question: How much would you pay to someone who can solve your biggest problem?. That’s right. I hope you realized that every human being has a lot of problems every day. Some of those problems are small but some are big enough to get in debt. By the way, getting in debt is a new problem, so it’s time to realize that everybody has problems all the time. Even if you can solve current problems, soon you will get new problems.

People are buying things because they want to solve their current problem. When clothes are getting old and start to look bad. This is a big problem for people who want to look good and clean, especially when they are going outside. The way to solve this problem is to buy new clothes!
When people want to learn how to make money online they have a problem because they have no idea how to do it. You could provide a solution to them by offering a coaching or  by selling them “online money making from A to Z” online course.

Now you know the Million Dollar Secret to start making more money. You don’t sell a health product or a business course. You are selling a solution to people’s problems.

How To Get Clients – Target Market

Now you know why people buy. Once you realize that it’s all about solving people’s problems it will be easier for you to sell affiliate products. But there is one more thing to know. You can’t sell a 3D Glasses to a blind person. They just won’t buy it because they don’t need it. If you want to get clients you need to focus your target market. You need to figure out what kind of audience would buy your products.

This is where you focus your content at. Let’s say that your affiliate product is 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula. You’ve used this course and you know that what Jessica teaches through that course really works. Now, ask yourself what kind of problems this product solves.

Well, 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula teaches how to prospect strangers on social media. So you can start writing content about social media recruiting and share some tips from the course in your blog post. Also, Jessica also shares her prospecting and recruiting scripts so you could write a blog post where you share your knowledge about social media prospecting.

If you do it this way, you will start attracting people who are in network marketing or any other recruiting business. Usually, those people struggle with recruiting strangers and 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula can teach them how to do it from A to Z.

From 1 product you can create more than 30 blog posts because 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula teaches you also, how to prepare your social media profile to look professional. How to post on Facebook to not look spammy but to attract people who want to join your business etc. So by 1 course or product you can create so many blog posts that will attract potential buyers.


Because a FREE VALUE is the best value. If you are still wondering how come people make a lot of money by creating free things online this is the answer to your question. When you create a free value (your blog post) you help people solve their problems. You attract them and if you promote an affiliate product so they could learn more you will sell that product.

“How to get clients?” – start blogging! Write about your products, share free value and you will attract people who are already interested in your product or business opportunity. If you spend 2 hours daily chasing people online to buy your product.

use 1 hour to write a content that attracts the right people and at the end, you will start making way more money than just chasing unknown people online.  The last thing to remember is that your content will stay on the internet forever (if you have your own blog) so at some point, you will start making money from a blog post that are 2 or more years old. You have no idea how great it feels when you get a check from a post you forgot about.

Don’t chase people, attract them!

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