Still didn’t figure out if you are a real entrepreneur or not? You feel that you have the right mindset but can’t succeed? Let’s find out if you are an entrepreneur.

are you an entrepreneur

There is a big difference between people who are true entrepreneurs and those who try to be or just act like they are entrepreneurs. For years I thoughts I was an entrepreneur, creating a business here and there but what I realized is that I was “Playing the Entrepreneur”. That didn’t bring much of the results.

It’s very easy to get fooled by your own thinking and your emotions. If I ask Internet Marketers, network marketers etc. if they are Entrepreneurs probably 90% of them will say “Of course I am!“. 70% of those people will get offended for some reason. I know because I used to get offended when someone asked me stupid questions like “is your business legal?“, “are you an entrepreneur?”.

Please understand that “I think / I believe that I am an entrepreneur” and “I am an entrepreneur” is totally different. This is what you need to remember and when you really understand it you will be able to create a breakthrough. Because if I ask you “Why do you think you are an entrepreneur?” I think you can’t come up with the answer in less than 15 seconds.

Many people confuse the word Entrepreneur and Business Owner. Most of the people think that these 2 are same. It’s actually not. You can be a business owner but you don’t have to be an entrepreneur. Below you can find some behaviors and treats of a true Entrepreneur.

Are You An Entrepreneur?

1. Laziness

True entrepreneurs are vision driven. They are focused on achieving small goals that lead them to achieve their vision. They don’t have much time to be lazy or bored. When they find themselves in a place that there is nothing to do, they usually think about a strategy to achieve their goals faster or they think about a solution to solve a problem.

2. Risk

Either you are an entrepreneur or not every day you are under a risk of something. You might get hit by a car, you might fall down from the stairs. Of course, those are just examples. Entrepreneurs have some other risks like losing all their investments or making a mistake and destroying their brand. However true entrepreneurs see the “Risk” as an opportunity to grow. They don’t focus much on “What if this won’t work”. Mainly focus on “What will this give me when it starts to work”.  They take a risk with a thought of winning.

3. Winning

In personal life and business life, we sometimes win and sometimes lose. This is how the life works. Everybody want to win but the difference between average Joe and an Entrepreneur is that Entrepreneurs don’t give up. Even if they lose, they see it as a path that leads them to a bigger goal. They stick to the plan and to their vision. This is how they are winning the game of success. An average Joe, after failing few times will quit and will try to do a different thing.

4. Emotions

No matter who you are or how successful you are you still have some basic emotions as a human being. True Entrepreneurs have fear, doubt, and discomfort but they try to control those emotions. My father in law is a good example. There are a couple of people who makes him angry. He just doesn’t like them but they bring good business to his company. Now, an average Joe will try to avoid meeting that kind of people or “enemy” while a true entrepreneur controls the emotions and meets those people with a good vibe.

5. Finding A Way

The word Impossible is just a word. It doesn’t prove that something is impossible to do, it’s just an expression of the tasks’ difficulty level. When entrepreneurs get stuck and when they find a major obstacle they always try to find a way to overcome that obstacle. We can consider “Finding a way” as a forgotten key of success.

6. Relationships

Did you ever see an entrepreneur standing and drinking wine in front of the store with other drunk people? I bet you didn’t. Successful entrepreneurs choose their relationships. They reject negative people and those who on purpose will try to drag them down. Many entrepreneurs are able to get rid of the old not supportive relationships to make a space for people who can take them to the next level.

7. Mindset

Personal developments are like a fresh air for true entrepreneurs. They know that business growth and finances are important, but everything starts with their thoughts. Their mindset level is what creates the success. Without the right Mindset, you will fail at all the 6 points above. They know that thoughts are creating the reality and without the right mindset they could create only struggle and shame.

8. Time

I mentioned in the previous posts about the Time and its Value. Entrepreneurs really treat their time as a gold or even diamond. They use the time wisely and charge a lot to someone who wants to buy their time. For example, if an Entrepreneur can spend an hour on a task that in a future will lead to $5K profit and someone want’s to hire them for a 1-hour coaching believe me the 1-hour coaching session won’t be “cheap”. Of course, it’s case by case because there are entrepreneurs who do Free Coaching but usually that Free Coaching leads to some bigger goal. The time and vision come together.

9. Impact & Change

If I give you a keyword “1 million dollars”, what kind of thoughts are coming through your head? Most people will start to think about what they would BUY by that 1 million dollars. Entrepreneurs think a little bit different way. Many of them don’t see money as a money, they see money as an impact and change.

Let me explain. I asked a friend yesterday: “What would you do with $500?”. He told me that he will save it to be protected for the “tough days”. True entrepreneurs will use some of that money to buy some toys and some to invest so they could grow even more. When they purchase cars, houses, and toys they buy it because they want it but also because their Shopping can help so many people.

People say that those Wealthy people are greedy. They have fancy houses and fancy cars to impress others. I met many entrepreneurs who got a new house with a thought of helping a bunch of people.

Let’s break it down. How do you Impact other’s lives by buying a new home? Well, first of all, you help a realtor. Maybe you need new furniture, so you can impact some local furniture making company. Maybe you want to have a pool, then, first of all, you help local pool business to grow and later you help some student offering a pool cleaning job. Don’t forget about the plumbers etc.

As you can see, the way of thinking is different. Now question to you. When is the last time you went to buy something and you thought about the number of people who will get impacted by your shopping?

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Kamil Migas

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