In order to grow your business, get better at what you do and change your life you need to do one important step that is even more important than skills, goals or amount of money you currently have. This post might be one of the most important posts you’ve ever read. If you understand the information I am putting on here everything else like prospecting, marketing, closing will be much easier to do.The Most Important Key To Change Your Life And Business

What do you want to have? Who do you want to become? These 2 questions are very important to understand yourself and how big success you will create.

See it before it happen
More than skills, strategies, prospecting and closing tactics YOUR VISION is way more important.
You may say “ok, I am going to recruit 16 people a week/month! This is my vision”. To be honest it’s not an vision,  “I’m going to do….” ,“I will ….” These are statements of Goals not VISION. Goals and Vision is totally different thing. Having goals is important it helps you do to some check list of what you already accomplished. Vision is something much bigger. It’s not some written goal that you hope to accomplish until next week or the end of the year.

The Most Important Key To Change Your Life And Business - Kamil MigasA VISION will help you get to your goals no matter what, when you are growing your business you are going to have bad days, everybody has some bad days. Goals won’t help you act when you have bad day, vision will. There is very powerful quote written by Micheal Beckwith: “Pain will push you until Vision pulls you”.

Most of people think that creating a VISION is simply knowing what they want, but it’s not true.
Ofcourse knowing what we want is a part of a VISION but it’s not enough to create very powerful VISION that will help you go through fear and will help you move forward when you will be exhausted.
So how to create VISION? What is it exactly?
Your VISION is most of the time FEELING of things that you want. What do I mean?
Let’s say that your VISION is brand new expensive car. To create strong vision about this subject it’s not enough to look at picture of that car. You need to get more detailed, you have to sit down and imagine how it will feel to be inside this car. Here is couple of questions that when you imagine answer to it you will create pretty good vision for yourself.
1. How does the handle feels like?
2. Who is gonna see you driving this car?
3. What people who said “you can’t make it” will be like when you pull your car next to them?
4. Where is the first place you will go?
5. What kind of music would you listen as driving your new car?
The Most Important Key To Change Your Life And Business - Blog Post Kamil Migas

Now close your eyes and imagine answers to these questions. If you didn’t smile few times it means you didn’t imagine it deeply. Do it until you will naturally smile when you imagine those things.

Maybe it’s not a car, maybe your VISION is to travel the world?
Well then answer to questions like this:
1. Where would you go?
2. Which hotel / resort will you stay?
3. Who are you going to travel with?
4. What food in which restaurant would you eat?
5. What your friends would say seeing your travel photos on social media?
6. How will it feel to be in the pool with cocktail looking at the see?
7. How beach sand feels looks like/feels like? Is it warm and white? Etc.
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See, I don’t know what your dreams, what your VISION is about. You have to create your own and you really have to be detailed and you need to feel it. Focus on your Vision, when you will be able to do it everything else will come easier for you.

Is prospecting scary for you right now? Guess what; if you have strong enough vision PROSPECTING is going to turn into FUN because now you know where you are going; now you know what you need to do in order to make your VISION come true. One more thing. When you do everything with FUN and JOY you ALWAYS going to have better results ;)

There is much more things to talk about, in next post I will write about obstacles that actually prevent you from creating your Power Vision.

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Kamil Migas

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