Cold Market Prospecting could be fun and easy if you know how to do it. Chris Carroll shares his most powerful tips to help you recruit moreChris Carroll on Cold Market Recruiting

People who are in the recruiting business struggle a lot with cold market prospecting. They know that 1 prospecting call could change their business but they are still afraid to call someone to present their business. In today’s post, I will share with you some thoughts on prospecting and recruit. The tips in today’s post are coming from my experience but also there are a lot of tips from Chris Carroll the Recruiting Master.

Cold Market Recruiting Tips

Not Knowing What To Say

People are afraid to talk to strangers about their network marketing business because they don’t really know what to say. Before they call someone a thought like “what if that person asks me something?” comes and stops them from calling a prospect.

There are a lot of trainers who teach different things when it comes to cold calling. When your product is a diet product that you need to say (…) but when your product is a travel package then you need to say (…). It doesn’t really matter what your product or company is. The whole point of making a cold call is to set an appointment. The appointment could be online or offline, but you shouldn’t talk about your business or product when you are cold calling. Chris Carroll said that prospecting call should take you about 20 seconds. He said that you just need to tell your prospect that you don’t have time to talk about details now because you are going somewhere (for example a meeting) and that you want to talk about details later. Just ask for the time and set the appointment.

Time Is Everything

Chris Carroll really treats his time like gold. He said: “I have never been really good at wasting time“. This is how all of the network marketers and people in recruiting business should think.

So many people waste their time by making excuses. They always find different reasons to make their work slower some of them do it on purpose because they don’t want to get into an uncomfortable situation. Chris Carroll working 6 hours makes about 12 presentations where most of the network marketers make 4 presentations in a week! Can you see the difference? I know you might say “but he is good at cold market prospecting“. Yes, he is a master of it that’s right! That’s why he teaches exactly how you can become a master in this field.
I am curious if you realized that the sentence you just said is already an excuse?

Chris Carroll recruited so many people into his team. He uses his proven strategies to build his business fast and he teaches how you can grow your business! Stop wasting your time and focus on money making activities!

Get Out Of Your House

Network marketers make a big mistake treating their prospects as numbers or just a reps. If you want to grow your business you need to get out of your house and meet people. It’s not only about recruiting offline because if you are good at prospecting and recruiting on social media that’s fantastic but you gotta go and meet those new recruits. If you build a relationship with them, they will stay with you and they will crush this business with you.

There is a big difference between just signing up representatives and building a team. If you just want to make quick money and struggle with earning the money constantly, sure you can just recruit some people, not talk to them and see them leaving your “group” before they pay their monthly fees.

If you want to build a solid business and if you want to see your people recruit like crazy then focus on building a TEAM. Having your own team means that you know those people, you help them and you use your time for them to build a relationship with them.

(Learn How To Recruit On Social Media: 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula by Jessica Higdon)

Chris Carroll on Posture

How you view yourself internally ALWAYS shows up externally. It’s very important for you to have a strong posture. You are a business person, an entrepreneur and if you are in network marketing business you need to realize that you are giving an opportunity to people. Instead of begging people to watch your online presentation, keep in mind that people should be asking you for allowing them watching your opportunity presentation.

A strong posture also helps you to stay in control of the conversation. There are going to be people who will try to “make you dance”. Don’t let them shake your core. You can learn how to use their energy so they will be more attracted to you,

Follow Up & Closing

Closing someone in the very first conversation is possible but it’s a rare thing. Sometimes at the very first conversation, people might not show much of the enthusiasm. When it happen many people in network marketing business just give up on that prospect. This is a big mistake.

You need to know that maybe you called that person at a wrong time or maybe that prospect had a bad day. If your prospect requests more information it means at some point he is open to your business opportunity. But if he says “NO” doesn’t it mean that he always will say “NO”? Following up is a key to recruit a lot of people.

There are different closing strategies but as Chris said: “No one really wants to BE closed. People feel better when they close themselves” And this is a secret key! You can learn how to make your prospects close themselves! In network marketing and cold market prospecting it’s very important to make people feel good, once you learn those strategies you will become a Cold Market Recruiting Master!

Something Special From The Chris Carroll

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