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A little bit about myself:

kamil-gardeninigMy name is Kamil and I am from Poland. I used to live in Japan for nearly 9 years and worked hard as a gardener to provide enough for my wife and two sons. I used to work for 10 – 12 hours every day, so I wasn’t in the house too often. My income was just enough to pay the bills and make a decent living, so I wasn’t happy since I had to work 12 hours every single day.
I knew that I have to do something about it. I spent countless hours on the internet searching for a solution. I found many opportunities where people were promising amazing results only if I join! I joined a couple of business opportunities and I failed miserably. I started to have a bad opinion about internet marketing and network marketing. Thought that everyone out there is lying only to earn some profits. This impacted my mindset and when I started a new online business I failed again. I wasn’t happy at all and I lost a faith in making money online. I started to think that I will never be able to quit my job and that I will never change my life. I was depressed for a while until I run into the right people.2
My mentors and coaches who are very successful in internet marketing and network marketing industry showed be how to and what it takes to create results. They put a light on my doubts and fears. I promised to myself that if they can help me, I will help others as well. Since then everything changed.

I was able to quit my job and to help my sons learn my native language I moved back with my family to Poland. Thanks to the internet and all the lessons I learned, now I am able to work from home using only my laptop, meet my friends whenever I am able to spend more time with my family and friends.

Except that, I became friend with many amazing entrepreneurs and successful people. These leaders are constantly focusing on growth. They helped me and they are willing to help others. Now, I want to keep my promise and I want to help you with achieving your goals!


What if I could create a personalized strategy for you to help you Get Better Results?
What if I could share all the knowledge and tell you what
to avoid to not make the same mistakes as I did?

It’s time-consuming to look for the best strategy to grow your business on the internet. Many strategies won’t fit your personality and it might not work with you and your business. What I can do for you is creating a plan which will bring you massive results. Remember, to every problem, there is a solution and no matter what you are facing right now, I am sure that I can find a solution.

Some of the major things that I can help you with:

🢂 Online Lead Generation
🢂 Network Marketing Prospecting & Recruiting
🢂 Attraction Marketing
🢂 Blogging
🢂 Personal Branding
🢂 Social Media Marketing
🢂 Affiliate Marketing
🢂 Email Marketing
🢂 Connection Building
🢂 Mindset For Success
🢂 Fear, Doubt Self-Esteem Workout
🢂 Vision & Goals


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Why would you want me to help you?

The entrepreneurial journey is not easy. You need to overcome fears, doubts, discomfort and you need to have an action plan that will lead you to your goals. It doesn’t matter if you are an online marketer, network marketer or if you have your own business and you are looking for the Online Strategy to grow your Online / Offline business.  Everyone’s goals are different, but the path everybody needs to take is the same. I went from a guy who had to work 12 hours every day where almost I didn’t see my kids growing to a home based business entrepreneur with the time freedom. I’ve learned a lot during my journey and I constantly learn more from my coaches. Constantly earning high affiliate commissions, winning sales challenges, building a massive list of leads and working from home whenever I want. This is what you can expect if you let me help you.

What I can promise is an honesty and a strategy that works. I won’t promise you unrealistic things. My job is to help you understand the business, help you solve your problem and to guide you for getting better results!

You don’t have to be stressed over your business anymore. You can stop feeling alone in your journey. I am here for You!
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WAIT! There is 1 thing you need to know!

I can’t help everybody even if I want! I am willing to help those people who are serious, coachable and those who are willing to take action.
If you are not serious about your business or if you are not willing to improve your life, I might not accept your coaching request!

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