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November 10, 2014
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November 20, 2014

Cold Market Prospecting is a big challenge for Network Marketers and one of the reasons why many network marketers get stacked.Cold Market Prospecting - Break The Fear of Prospecting - Recruiting and Prospecting Tips

Have you ever tried to Prospect a stranger but you weren’t brave enough to start “prospecting” conversation? If the answer is YES then this post about cold market prospecting will help you break the wall between you and a person you want to prospect.

Just curious how many of you wanted to prospect somebody on the street but your “perfect prospect” was already far away when you decided to take action?

Cold Market Prospecting

I know prospecting stranger is scary. I was struggling with it for a long time but recently something changed.
Some of you may know some not but I am in Ray Higdon’s Top Earner Success School. TESS is just class behind closed doors for people who purchased Ray Higdon’s course.
So we have few sessions every month where Ray teaches us really advanced business strategies and techniques and after each session, we have homework (challenge). After Mastery Prospecting session we had the challenge to go out there and prospect as many people as possible, just get their name, phone number and/or email address. Before that session I didn’t prospect Offline Anybody, it was something I didn’t like and to be honest I was scared.
As joining TESS I committed to myself that I will do whatever Ray ask me to do I will do it. So I didn’t have much choice I just said to myself “go big or go home”.

Cold Market Prospecting - Break The Fear of Prospecting - Recruiting and Prospecting Tips - FearThe first day of prospecting was horrible. I didn’t talk to many people; I was scared and swatting a lot every time I wanted to start a conversation.  At the end of the day, I was upset and disappointed because I wanted to win the contest.
On the second day of my prospecting challenge I decided to go to shopping mall but before I went inside I went to walk for about hour. I had so many thoughts going through my head, tried to figure out how to talk to them and how not to look “Weird”. Then I realized that there is nothing to be afraid actually. What worse could happen? Somebody will say that I am an Idiot? So what? At the end of that day, I got 50 names and phone numbers.

The total number of prospects I got in 6 days was 187 and I won the contest!

Here is some advice about prospecting for all of you network marketing and direct selling friends.
If you think about it there is really nothing to be scared of. If someone says “No” to you then go talk to another person. If you want to prospect a person on the street because he/she looks sharp just do it and as I said in the Interview if you live in the city where is about 100K people than you have low possibilities that you will meet that person again.
Also, you don’t know anything about that person, so when you prospect him/her maybe you will his or hers life. Maybe that person is looking for some business opportunity because he /she is already  tired of the regular job, or maybe have a lot of bills to pay and your business opportunity could help them. You never know if you don’t talk to them.

Ask yourself  “Do I want to get sign up and grow my business?Cold Market Prospecting - Break The Fear of Prospecting - Recruiting and Prospecting Tips - Happy BusinessIf your answer is YES then focus on your Vision not about “what they will think about me?!”.
If you don’t know where to find people to talk to then go outside and look around, there is big chance that you will find at least 5 people that you could present your business opportunity.
Get used to prospecting strangers, it will become fun when you do it a couple of times.

You can listen to Ray Interviewing me on his Blog -> HERE <-

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