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Business Strategy is very important for the fast growth. Read this post to learn how to leverage the internet for the Online Business Strategy that works! business-strategy-kamil-migas-blog

While building your business I am sure you have a lot of questions about marketing and getting new clients. Only very talented entrepreneurs don’t struggle with marketing but most of the people do. In today’s post, I will share with you a simple strategy that can impact your business growth.

It’s All About The People

No matter what kind of business you are running, people are your clients / customers. Without people, you can’t sell and grow your business. We all know that. The question is how you can find those people who would like to buy from you. Well, the first thing you need to realize that in today’s world most of the people are on the internet. Either they are searching something on google or they are on some social media. This should give you a big hope because, in the past, the salesman had to walk from door to door to sell a dryer or a coffee machine. Now you can leverage the internet to get your message in front of millions of people. The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to use expensive ads if you don’t have a budget for it.

The main key to getting new clients on the internet is to know what your Perfect Client needs. You need to remember that it’s not about how amazing your product is, it’s about how your product can help your potential client.

The Key: Know what your potential clients are struggling with and provide a solution.

Why The Internet Is Better Than A Flyer Under A Wiper

The simplest explanation is that you have no idea who is driving the cars on the parking lots. If you want to stand in front of the metro station and promote your business, yes maybe you will get a client. But you don’t know who you are promoting your product or service so it will take a long time before you find a person who would love to buy from you.

The Internet has more power. Most of the people don’t know that many websites, social media pages, web browsers, cookies, tracking systems etc. collect a huge detailed amount of information about a person who is on the internet. It’s way to complicated to explain it all in details here, but for example, google can know your age, sex, what you like, what you don’t like, what you are mostly watching on youtube, what you are searching online etc. At some point, it’s scary because you feel that there is no privacy but well, either you need to deal with it if you want to use the internet or you can invest a lot of money in some kind of software that will keep you private all the time.

Going back to the point. If you know how to leverage the internet, instead of giving away the flyers to every person who walks toward you, you can target your potential clients. So people who will look at your product or service you will know that they are already interested in buying or using what you offer. Also don’t remember that online you can find millions of people daily, in front of the metro station maybe you can reach couple hundred people daily.

The Best Online Business Strategy

The best way to get new clients, customers, reps is to build your audience, use attraction marketing strategy and provide value to the marketplace. Maybe at first it sounds complicated, but it’s no as hard as it sounds.

I would suggest you have a blog or at least well-branded website for your business. Writing a post or articles about the topic you and your potential clients love is a success strategy. It all comes to attraction marketing and solution providing.

For example. If your product is a Diet Shake and you know that it works you should start writing about diet, healthy living etc. Even you just started the business and well, you are not in the good shape YET you have huge opportunity to rock it. Simply start writing posts about your own diet, the shake and the results you are getting. The whole content writing is not about sharing your thoughts about the shake and how wonderful it is. Of course, those things are important, but the main reason is to give your audience a hope for a better body shape. If your shake really helps losing weight, then why wouldn’t you share this amazing product with others! Write about it, take photos, show results and you will attract to your blog thousands of people who are ready to change their body shape.

This is of course just an example, but if you can do this you will grow your business and the results will be permanent. Your blog or website is your office, your company, your shop. When you provide a value to the marketplace you get noticed and people will be willing to see what else you’ve got.

Value, Not Spamming

I don’t hate spammers because those are people who just don’t know how to market their business. But I don’t want you to be a spammer because spamming never works. It just annoys people and instead of attracting them, you are pushing your potential clients away. Spam is not allowed for you on social media and on your blog. Be Professional!

I am not saying that you shouldn’t promote your business, but I am just saying that you don’t have to attach the link to your product on every single blog post. The pure value is what people mostly share, the pure value is what people love. This should be your focus to provide value to the marketplace to attract the right people for your business.

You can also promote your business opportunity or products, but don’t do it every single day. Those people who love you and your content will find a way to buy from you. Another thing is to put some offers on your sidebar. Your sidebar should have some offers and things which will help you grow your business, but not every single blog post need to be a product promoting a post.

Provide Value, Build Relationships and Build Your Audience. This is one very effective business strategy.

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