Still wondering how to make money online? Do you have a business but not enough clients? Use these tips to create a Profitable Blog.

I didn’t really understand how people could make a lot of money by writing a blog or giving away free stuff. A long time ago I though that the only way to make money is to create some kind of product or service and by working hard you can earn some money. Yeah, you actually have to work to make money but instead of working hard it will be better to work smart.

When I learned about Affiliate Marketing I focused on it and again thought that making money on the internet is all about affiliate products. Again, I wasn’t right. The thing is that if you have any kind of Offline Business you still can use a Blog to make a lot of money and grow your business fast. I will share with you some ideas later but let me explain a bit about creating a profitable blog.

How To Create A Profitable Blog

Creating A Profitable Blog Tips

1. Choose the right name

It all depends on your business and products. I’ve seen so many blogs and websites that the name was totally irrelevant to the product or even the blog’s content. If you are selling a Health Products that your blog’s name shouldn’t be “Create A Wealth Online”. People will be coming to your blog to get some tips about health, so when they notice that blog’s name is about business, wealth or money people will leave before they even get to your product’s page.

Even if you are promoting your business opportunity on your blog the blog’s title should be relevant to your products or business services. Remember that the blog’s name includes the blog’s address so you need to choose wisely your domain name.

2. Think about your audience

Writing just your thoughts or updating your audience with the info of your day is good to make friends and to be more social. You can still write just your personal thoughts on your blog, but you should make a different category for it. When it comes to business and making money, you should be focused on your audience problems. The only wat you attract the right people to your blog is to write posts full of Problem Solving Solutions.

Don’t forget that people love free stuff and everybody has some problems. So if you provide solutions to your potential client’s problems by writing free blog posts guess what will happen. People will be coming to your blog and they will love you for helping them solve their problem.

Another thing is that people will start to see you as a pro in a field. So when they get a same or similar problem, they will turn to you for a help. They will want your service or product because they will know that you know how to handle their problem. This is how you make a profitable blog.

3. Learn, Learn, Learn

You should be learning constantly about things that are relevant to your business. Everything around you changes, so if for example if you fix cars to make money and you stop learning after 10 years you will be about of the business. My friend who is a mechanic has fewer clients than before because he is not able to fix TESLA or any other electric car. His knowledge stops on the old full mechanical cars. So no matter what kind of business you run, you need to keep learning. You can also learn new skills, too much knowledge and skills never hurts ;)

4. Share what you learned

Giving away free value is a key to making a profitable blog. Before someone buys a product or asks for fixing his or hers bathtub what do you think people do? They go to Google and they search for products opinions and customer’s reviews. Now, when you will keep sharing things on your blog which are relevant to your business people are gonna find your blog and if you have products links or contact info on your blog, you get a new client.

Many people don’t have their own blog because they have no idea what to write about. Well, if you keep learning and you share what you learned on your blog the problem is solved. Share what you learned and you will attract people who are looking for the same knowledge.

How to make money from blogging step by step:

Create your Blog

Start writing posts relevant to your product or business

Add products links on the sidebar and inside the blog posts

Share your posts on social media

Start interacting with people on social media

Start interacting with people on their blogs

Write more posts

This is all you need to know to start making money or it’s better to say: Do this constantly and your blog will bring you, new clients.

Profitable Blog doesn’t mean that people have to purchase something directly from your blog. Profitable Blog means that your Blog becomes a tool to attract the right customers to you and your products or services. It doesn’t matter if your product is a Coaching Online Program or service like pool cleaning. You can use your Blog as a marketing tool and believe me. If you use it constantly, this marketing strategy can grow your business more than you can expect.

How To Create Your Blog

If you have a little bit of the Tech knowledge it will not be difficult to create your first blog. In these days hosting companies have tools and installation wizard to help you set your first blog. You can set up your very first Simple Blog in a just a couple of minutes. I would suggest using a BlueHost as your hosting. You can set up your domain name there easily and you have a bunch of tools to help you build your blog.

 The most common platform or I would say software for blogging is WordPress, but I don’t suggest to create your blog on WordPress site or any kind of blogging site. The reason why you shouldn’t do it is simple. When you create a blog on WordPress or or anywhere else, you don’t really own that blog. If you screw something or if they will not like something, you can just get banned and your blog will not be online anymore.

If you get a hosting from the BlueHost and you install the WordPress platform there, you will totally own your blog and it can stay there forever. How would you feel when you earn money or get new clients from a blog post you wrote 1 year ago and you totally forgot about it? I am telling you, it feels AWESOME!
Once you install the WordPress soft on your hosting, use the tips above to make a profitable blog. By the way, WordPress software is Free ;)

If you are NOT TECH person, my team can create a professional and personalized blog for you with all custom graphic, your photos, new logo etc. You can check what we can do for you HERE. Another option is to check the Blogging Training below. Even if you are not a TECH person, in that training you will have explained step by step how to create a successful blog and how to write posts to grow your business fast.

Just watch my friend’s video below to learn more about the blogging training he prepared. If you are wondering and looking for the answer to How to make a profitable blog? the training below will show you on record videos the exact steps from A to Z how to make a profitable blog. By the way, Free Bonuses are just unbelievable! Anyway, watch my friend’s video to see why Blog is so important to check what you can learn with his Blogging Training.


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  • Ashley Davidson-Fisher

    Nice post! The one thing people seem to forget is that it’s all about good content! You have to give quality to something before people will listen and take notice :)

  • Hey Ashley, thank you for the comment. Yes, people always forget about the value. Selling products and services through the blog is normal and it’s important, but sometimes people are focused too much on the “selling” part. Their main focus is to make the money so they don’t care about the value, they just want people to notice and click on “Buy Now” link.

    As you said, “You have to give quality to something before people will listen and take notice”. The best way to grow the business is to give people tons of value, possibly for free. This way instead of being a hunter you start to attract the right people to you and your business.

    Ah, I always talk too much when it comes to a topic I love ;)
    Anyway, thank you for the comment Ashley! You are awesome!


  • Ashley Davidson-Fisher

    Hi Kamil,

    No worries about talking about a topic you love! I do the same thing when it comes to travel and living in France so I completely understand.
    I think the hardest part about blogging as a business (for me anyway) is building out content fast enough that has quality. I love to write and I especially love to write about France and traveling, but my more than 9-5 corporate job keeps me from writing often. I hate that! I really want to give people valuable info and fun things to do here in France, but I would also like to be able to have this “job” make some money on the side, too, just like everyone else.
    It all starts with great content and a good deal of patience and fingers crossed that all the great effort one is putting into their content will eventually come back as a reward some day. It also takes a lot of studying on the right things to do as your trying to get your business going.
    Thanks for posting this article. It’s great to have bullet points to point people in the right direction on how to succeed at something they love to do!
    Keep up the great work :)