Self Sabotage - Simple Strategy To Prevent It
Self Sabotage: Simple Strategy To Prevent It
November 3, 2016
Tips On Creating Successful Blog To Become An Authority Online
Tips On Creating Successful Blog To Become An Authority Online
November 7, 2016

It’s hard to have second income working full-time at a primary job but there are ways to create second income even if you don’t have free time.second-income-kamil-migas-blog

People are all the time looking for ways to make more money. In today’s economy working at one job is often not enough to live truly happy life. People are struggling financially because food, medicine, bills get higher and simply people’s average income is not enough to cover all the necessary things of living. Most of the people who barely can make to the end of the month with all the bills can forget about fun. They are frustrated and depressed. I was in this kind of situation so I know how it feels.

If you are reading this post, you probably wish to have second income so you could relax by not worrying if the money will be enough at the end of a month. In today’s post, I will share some tips on how you can make the second income even if you are working full-time and you don’t have time to work anywhere else.

Second Income Tips

Time Is Everything

When you are working full time but you want to make more money you need to focus on your time. Most of the people who are looking for ways to earn money online spend too much time on “Finding The Ways“. Usually, those people everyday spend from 30 minutes to 2 hours in front of the computer only to search for ways to earn money online. This time could be used to actually make money. What people don’t realize is that they every day they are finding the same ways to make money online.

The company could be different and strategy could be a bit different, but it all comes to marketing, promotions, and sales. Because this is how you can make more money online. If you learned some ways to create your second income, now is the time to take action. Constantly looking for ways to make that second income and not taking any money making action is simply a waste of your time.

Products or Business Opportunity?

This really depends on how fast you want to make that first money online. Selling products is a bit easier than selling a business opportunity, but on another side building your team where you can all work together for the second income can bring you very long time results. Here is a small tip from very successful people: “Either / Or” does not exist. The answer is “Both“.

The best way to create the second income is to promote products and business opportunity. This way you can make some money fast and you can work on building your team to make long time results.

Second Income Working 30 min to 90 min a day

If you are working full-time, you have kids and bunch of other things to do during the day. The best way for you to create second income is to start blogging. Blogs are very powerful if you do it right. You can create unlimited multiple streams of income which could set you free. If you want to learn how to create a blog and what to write about I recommend you to learn from the million dollar earner. Inside the training about blogging & branding, this successful entrepreneur created includes everything you need to start making money by your blog. You can check the Expert Training Here.

If you are not a tech person and If you want someone to takes care of all the design and set-up, I highly recommend you, my team. You can check what We Can Do For You HERE.

When you write a blog, you attract the potential clients to you and your offers. It’s very important to choose the right product and/or business opportunity. If you don’t write with a passion then it will take much longer time to attract the right people to you. So if you don’t feel like writing about Health and Wellness than you shouldn’t choose products from this category. Choose affiliate products or companies that you like and the one that you are using or you would love to use their products. If you choose right products then it will be much easier for you to write blog posts often.

At the beginning, it might take you some time to write a post but when you get used to it, you will be able to write it in about 1 hour. This is enough to put the value into the marketplace to attract the potential buyers.

Why Blog Is So Important?

When you write a post on your blog it stays on the internet forever. Imagine a situation where you get a check because someone bought a product from the post you wrote 1 year ago? Wouldn’t that be amazing? If you keep writing and promoting the right products your second income can be pretty good and consistent!

Other Ways To Create Second Income

You can become an affiliate of companies like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, ClickBank etc. You can share your affiliate links on social media, forums etc. I don’t recommend just posting a link on the posts. To make this strategy work, you should share your thoughts and opinions about the product you promote. This way some people will get attracted to it. If you just paste a link to your social media post, people will see it as a spam and no one will even click on it.

This is of course for the promoting a product. I don’t recommend sharing on social media any business opportunity. This never works and you will destroy people’s opinion about yourself. If you want to recruit people to your business opportunity, I recommend to do it on a personal level. Of course, it can be done through social media. If you do it right, you can start recruiting people to your business like crazy. I have a lot of posts that teach about social media recruiting, but If you want a step by step strategy with scripts of what to say to people on social media, I recommend to watch my friend’s videos about social media recruiting.

She was looking for ways to make more money and she didn’t like the cold market, face to face prospecting. My friend Jessica created the Social Media Recruiting Formula where she shares everything about building your business through social media. You can Watch Her Videos Here.

I hope you got some ideas about creating the second income. If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Be Unstoppable! Follow Your Dreams!

P.S. If you want to learn 67 steps to getting anything you want Watch a FREE TRAINING VIDEO HERE!.

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  • Great article. I myself am a blogger. This is one of the best decisions that I made in life. i am having so much fun. You provided some nice gems in the article. Especially under the section of “why blog?” and how information stays on the internet forever and chance to earn income down the road on something you actually forgot about. IInteresting? Never looked at it like that. Thanks!

  • Hey, Christopher! Thank you for reading my post.
    Yes, many people totally forget about the fact that the content they put into the marketplace on the internet stays there forever. You know many people give up blogging too soon because they don’t realize the power of it. If every new blogger could realize how powerful is to put the content out there, they will never quite probably.
    I like your content Christopher, just shared one of your posts on Twitter ;)

    Thanks again for reading and commenting on this post!

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