Tips About Dealing With Rejection

Tips About Dealing With Rejection - Kamil Migas Blog Business and Personal Development

Dealing with rejection is not easy but you can learn how to overcome it. Read this if you are constantly Dealing With Rejection.

Everybody at some point was dealing with rejection. A lot of people struggle when they get rejected and it’s hard for them to overcome that and move forward.

There are 2 things that cause the struggle when it comes to dealing with rejection:
– Not believing in your company or product
– You playing to lose not to win

Dealing With Rejection Tips

When you approach a family member to show them a business opportunity with a posture that is weak then you will get attacked. If you have difficulties dealing with rejection you need to approach people with better posture.

Don’t ask them “Joe, what do you think? Will this work?” because they will say “I don’t think so” and they will point 50 different things that will make you even more concerned. Playing to lose won’t take you anywhere. If  Joe told you 50 different things of why it won’t work don’t go to google. Don’t search for the negative comments about your company or product.

You joined network marketing for some important reason, instead of proving uncle Joe that he is right, remind why you joined and go find a person that is open to your business.

If you approach uncle Joe with a different posture and clearly you let him know that you are all in no matter he joins or not, there is a chance that you might not even get attacked.

Dealing with rejection by focusing on your goal

Tips About Dealing With Rejection - Kamil Migas Blog Business and Personal Development 1You will get rejected because you are focusing on your goal and because you are trying to achieve something.

You need to get used to it because those people who don’t have enough courage to follow their dreams will try to pull you down. If you are getting rejected and people constantly are trying to pull you down it means that you are on the right track.

If you don’t want to be rejected than don’t do anything, don’t try to achieve that goal or don’t even try to make your dreams come true. When you step up and you start to play big, even you are in the process of learning you will get a bunch of haters and dream stealers in your life.

This should be a sign for you that you are going the right direction, so while working on your business expect dream stealers and people that won’t be open to your project. If you will be expecting them, then it will be much easier for you to overcome the rejection.

Dealing With Rejection is just a state of mind…

Have a great day!

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How do you deal with the fact that someone rejected you?
Do you know any other good tips about dealing with rejection?
Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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    Wise Words indeed.

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