If you are in a hard situation and you need to earn money right now read this post to get some ideas about how to earn money today without even leaving home.

Need To Earn MoneyIn today’s world, there is a huge need to earn money right away. People are stressed and depressed because they don’t have enough money to buy groceries. Most of those people are willing to work to earn money, buy groceries and just live normally.

The difficult part is when no one wants to hire them or give them an opportunity to earn money.

If you are in a similar situation or for some another reason you Need To Earn Money Today here is a couple of things you can do.

Need To Earn Money – Part 1

First of all, you need to find your priorities. What is the most important now in this hard situation? Your cigarets, the wine that you drink every night, that snacks you eat every day or maybe groceries and medicines?The thing is that many people who struggle financially really bad will always find a way or that few bucks to spend on the things that won’t provide them anything than just fulfilment of their habits. Think what is the most important right now and for a while forget about anything else. If you need to earn money first try to keep the money you already have if you have any. If you don’t and from somewhere you will get a few buck use that money only on necessary things.

Need To Earn Money – Part 2

What do you have that you can sell? If you look around, in your room you can always find a thing or things that you can sell, even for few dollars. That could be clothes that are too small for you, old comic books, books, digital devices, CDs, DVDs, artwork anything that has some kind of value. Just be take a closer look because you might have things that for you seem worthless but for somebody it could be worth a lot. Here is a question, how do you sell those things that you don’t need?
You are reading this blog, it means you have access to the internet so the simplest way to sell those things that you have is to create posts with photos and post them everywhere.
Here are a couple of sites where you can place free posts about your product that you would like to sell right away.
Social Media which are active all the time and you can get a fast response.
1. Facebook (post on your timeline)
2. Facebook groups
3. Twitter
4. Instagram
Free Classifieds Websites
1. Craigslist
2. Quikr
3. Gumtree
4. ClickIndia
5. Olx
6. eBayclassifieds
7. Oodle
8. Sell
9. Classifiedads

Need To Earn Money – Part 3

Use your skills. You may say “I don’t have any skills” but it’s not true. You may think like that because you are in a depressed and stressed mood so you see everything negative. I don’t know you but I am sure there is something that you can do. Maybe you can play the guitar, you know a foreign language or you are good at house cleaning. No matter what it is you just need to be more creative and use your skills to earn some money today, right away. If you need to earn money today, use your skills to help others learn something, fix something or give them a hand with their own work so they could save some time.
One person told me that “an MAN can’t do a cleaning job, even for a while”. Well, I tink it’s a stupid statement, very proudly said that man doesn’t clean someone’s dirt to earn some money. Well if you are a man and you think this way think about the priorities again, what is more, important Your Pride or a meal for you and your family?
If you are not sure what you can do or you are not a creative person to come up with something let me know and I will try to help you out but I am sure there is something that you can do once or twice to get some few dollars for food or bills.

Need To Earn Money – Part 4

Think about your connections and friends.
Make a list of people who you know and next to their name write what they do for the living, do they have kids, what they are good at (if you know them closely).
First of all mark those who run their own business, check how many of them you have on your list and if there are more than 2 people than you are almost saved. Now try to match other people with those who run own business. Think what kind of product those business people have or what service they provide and then check if anybody else from your list would need their product or service. You can reach out to your business friends and simply ask “Hey John, listen I have some situation going on here and need to earn some money. If I could send you some clients right away will you be able to give me some percentage of what you will earn by my clients?” Again, think of the priority, Pride or Meal. I believe that those business owners will think something similar to: “wow, honest and is not begging to borrow the money but he/she actually will send me some business. Sure I can help him/her”.
Of course, not all business people are generous and “kind” but many of them created their companies and success because of their attitude and most of them know how it feels when the hard time comes.

About this solution, if you need to earn money today I don’t know you but I can help you. Seriously TODAY, whatever the date is right while you are reading this. If you know anyone who needs:
a Website, Blog, Graphic Design, Online Shop, Video Editing, Logo Design or any other visual or technical services reach me out and when your family members, friend or teammate orders once of my services I will send you some percentage of what they will pay for the service right away. Depends on where in the world you are I can send you money through services like PayPal or the WesternUnion.

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