Do You Want To Stay Motivated?

Do You Want To Stay Motivated - Kamil Migas Blog Business and Personal Development

How to stay motivated? People often ask “How Do I Stay Motivated“. To stay motivated you need to understand some important keys. To stay motivated the important part is a vision, not goals but a clear and strong vision.

You may wonder what’s the difference between a goal and a vision.
Vision is the larger and emotional image of the final result, goals are the steps between today and the vision. There is no such a thing like goals are more important or vision is more important. Those 2 are extremely important and one without another is almost unachievable.

So how do you stay motivated?
There are 3 things that can keep you motivated
1. Vision
2. Fear
3. Current Circumstances & Family

How To Stay Motivated – The Vision

Do You Want To Stay Motivated - Kamil Migas Blog Business and Personal Development“What do I really want?” Have you asked yourself this question?
To create the strong vision you need to think deeply and answer this question. Think and answer from the heart even if it’s a ridiculous thing. This question and answer need to be specific, you don’t ask yourself “What I THINK I want?”, you ask yourself “What I REALLY want?”.
Once you come up with the answer you will build a strong vision and that will keep you motivated day and night.
Ok! Awesome! but how do I know if my answer is something that I Really want or if it’s something that I kinda want?
The answer is simple, If the Vision or The Answer doesn’t create emotions like, happiness or excitement, it means you need to look deeper.

A couple of years ago when the circumstances were tough, I watched a short motivational video. The video was about creating a breakthrough, succeeding and helping other people succeed. When I was watching that video my vision got reactivated, my heart was beating fast, my hands started to sweat and I couldn’t stop my tears. I felt happy and I knew it’s possible. Since then, there were many tough, really tough days but the Vision stays with me and it helps be do breakthroughs.

So If you are asking, Does the things that I want will help me stay motivated? I don’t know, to be honest. Everything happens inside you, you need to find the emotions that will show you the thing that you really want. Don’t focus only on material things, focus on your feelings, when you think about that thing you want to achieve, what emotions come with it?

How To Stay Motivated – The Fear

Do You Want To Stay Motivated - Kamil Migas Blog Business and Personal Development 2Fear is just an imagination. A human protecting mechanism that creates a comfortable and safe environment for you. Depends on your mindset, fear can help you or can destroy you.
Some people use a fear as an emotional trigger to keep them motivated.
They stay motivated thinking of what would happen if I Don’t achieve that. One of the scariest things for them is to be in the same place, same body shape or financial level after 1 year. Those people want to grow, those people want something more in life. For example, if a person who uses fear as an emotional trigger to stay motivated currently earns $10K per month, the thought of being able to earn only $10K monthly after 1 year simply Freaks them out and they get into massive action to not let it happen.

If you are that kind of person, think about the thing you want to change. Depends on why you want to stay motivated imagine yourself 1 year later being or having exactly the same thing as you do today.
For example, if your current weight is 100kg, you want to work out but you can’t stay motivated, how would you FEEL after 365 days if you still are going to be 100kg or even more and your friends will tell you “See I told you that you can’t make it!” or “I knew it! You said that you will lose weight 1 year ago and you just gain weight! Looser!”
Think about it, isn’t this scary?

How To Stay Motivated – Current Circumstances & Family

Do You Want To Stay Motivated - Kamil Migas Blog Business and Personal Development 3How is it going? Are you truly happy right now? Is your spouse or kids truly happy right now? If the answer is not you got a problem.
Do you want to stay motivated to change your current circumstances and give your family the happy they desire?
Getting motivated based on the current circumstances works with a fear based emotions as well.
I don’t know your current situation, but if you are at the point of your life that you are tired, overwhelmed, bill collectors are getting to you, your family is not happy, you feel that you want to quit everything. What do you think, how much longer can you handle the stress?
People say that the stress can kill. I do agree with this statement.
Stress itself can not kill you, but it can create a disease that can kill you for sure, either it will be a body illness or mental one. So what are you going to do? Do you want to stay in the current circumstances? Make yourself and your family suffer? Isn’t the tears of your spouse or your kids enough to keep you motivated?
You gotta choose. Give up now and go back to the broke people lifestyle or use all 3 motivational triggers to get motivated and to change your circumstances.

If your current circumstances are constantly putting a lot of stress on you and your family. Use it as a trigger to help you stay motivated. You are the only person that can change the current circumstances, not your boss, your wife, neighbor or some magical fairy. You are the one that has the power to change everything.

Focus on current circumstances and what you want to change. Create a strong vision of who you want to become. Once you hit a small goal remind yourself the feeling of being in a tough situation to keep you motivated and keep you going forward. One you create even a small breakthrough you will never want to go back to the terrifying and stressful circumstances again.

Have a great day!

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