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Free Online Business Opportunities 2A lot of people are looking for the answer to a question “how can I make money from home?”. Based on google research, monthly thousands of people are searching for a way to make money from home.

Here are some stats of Average Monthly Search on Google:

1. Make money online – avg. search -> 110,000
2. Ways to make money – avg. search -> 60,500
3. Make money from home – avg. search -> 40,500
4. Ways to make money from home – avg. search -> 12,100
5. How to make money online for free ? – avg. search -> 3,600
6. How can I make money from home ? – avg. search -> 2,900

As you can see monthly a lot of people are looking for making more money from home. Probably most of these people are looking for free online business opportunities. Of course it is possible to find great online home business and I recommend you to find something that you would like to do on the side while you are working but first you should understand some major keys in making money from home / making money online.

Internet Based Business – “The Unknown Side”

First of all internet based business is great, it gives you a lot of flexibility about your time and the amount of many you can make. Even you are working at fulltime job you can earn serious money by internet based business.

Free Online Business OpportunitiesHowever, many people miss understand term of Internet Based Business. Many people believe that making money online is a piece of cake and they treat this type of business more like fun than real business, shortly they don’t take it serious. This is the reason why so many people don’t make even $10 online.
Another reason is the lack of knowledge. People who are not serious about online home business don’t study much about it. More likely they are just trying things out which in most of the cases that causes failure and then they call it as scam. They spamming all over social media, sending messages and emails with link in a hope someone will click and buy their product. Well, to be honest it doesn’t work.
I don’t know how much you want to make per month, but if you want to earn any money online you should treat online home business like normal business. That includes focus, commitment, willing to grow, some sacrifices etc. if you don’t, the possibility of earning any money online is pretty low.

Free Online Business Opportunities – “Free Internet Business”

You agree with me that so many people are looking for free online home business right? I don’t know you, but maybe you are one of them. If you are than you should know couple of things about free online business opportunities.
Don’t get offended but have you ever hear this saying: “You Get What You Pay For”? If you heard this great if you didn’t that’s also great, you will understand this shortly.
There are many free online business opportunities but usually you can’t make big enough money by these free opportunities. If you don’t put any money into a business probably you can’t get any money from that business or it will be just small amount of it. If you search on the internet there are a lot of businesses for free or just few dollars, it’s easy to find them especially on social media because usually in their advertising and messages there is a lot of hype and very attractive messages. You can search for it but I can ensure you that you can’t make good money with those opportunities. Here are just few reasons why it’s very difficult to make money with those:
   1. It’s free or really, really low cost so probably they don’t have business training that will help you to grow.
   2. Free Online Business Opportunities need to  have money for servers, websites, workers, taxes etc. so when you sell something you get very low percent of the money you made for a company.
   3. They don’t provide tools which you could use to promote product/service.
Simply once you join free online business opportunity you are on your own and if it’s about the “how to” you need to spend a lot of time searching for the answer, as we know Time Is Money by searching about the “how to” you are actually losing a lot of time=money.

Affiliate Product Selling – “Is This A Free Internet Business ?”

The answer is No. Usually when you want to become and affiliate of a product or program you need to buy it or join. Even if there is a product or program that you don’t have to join or buy but you can become affiliate, how are you going to sell it when you don’t know what’s inside? You can’t recommend someone to eat in a restaurant because they have delicious chicken if you’ve never eaten there, do you see the point? If you are willing to try to sell it anyway still you will lose a lot of time on “trying” and searching for the “how to” and even with a bit of luck you will be able to make a sell still the time you spent will cost you more than the earned money.
My suggestion, if you want to become an affiliate of a digital product you should buy it first and know what is inside. Even you don’t have any sales skills by knowing the product from the inside you will still be able to make sale by simply talking about the amazing features and bonuses that are inside the product.

Free Online Business VS Not Free Online Business

Below I pointed out some major features of online business. This is just my personal believe of what free and paid online businesses includes.Free Online Business Opportunities

As you got some information about free and paid businesses now you have to choose if you want to try out online business and with a bit of luck earn few bucks or you are willing to invest in yourself and become an owner of a business that could really help you financially.

Just to make sure, when you join an Online Business where you need to pay to join or you need to buy a product it doesn’t mean you will make any money. Either it’s paid or free business to make any money you need to work, focus and overcome obstacles, you don’t make money by just joining a program or sitting on a chair and hoping for a miracle. Whatever you do you need to work to earn money and to become better and better.

I hope you could see a picture and differences between Free Online Business Opportunities and Those what are not free.

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