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When I started my Entrepreneurial Journey or the Internet Marketing journey I struggled a lot to get results. Nothing worked and I made a lot of mistakes. I didn’t really understand the Lead Generation process and I felt disappointed with myself because I though that I have the right knowledge to create a breakthrough.

If you are in the same or similar place I know how exactly how you feel.
I know that it’s not easy overcome obstacles and that not supportive friends and family members make you feel that you want to quit your journey to success.

I create this Free Coaching to help you create a breakthrough in your Business and Personal Life. I want to share with you what it took to get really good results. Depends on your current struggle I want to create a personalized strategy for you which will triple your current results.

Why? Because I know that it’s frustrating to wait for the results especially when you are work hard. Sometimes circumstances demand immediate change but when you are “Trying” things out and constantly failing the change in business or life won’t happen. You need a strategy that works, you need to get better results right now to feel less tired and less stressed. I want to help you because entrepreneurial journey doesn’t have to be a struggle. The Journey should be fun, full of inspiration and motivation.

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Online Lead Generation / Social Media Prospecting & Recruiting / Attraction Marketing / Blogging / Personal Branding / Social Media Marketing & Promoting / Affiliate Marketing / Mindset / Motivation / Obstacle Overcoming / Business Strategy / Self-Esteem / Vision / Paid Advertising / Team Building / Overcoming Fear


Many years I used to work as a gardener in Japan. As everybody knows, in Japan. Working 10 and more hours every single day I realized that my son would not even know who I am since he was sleeping when I was leaving the house and coming back late from work. I didn’t have almost any fun, because of the time but also because my income was just average and it was always not enough.

At some point, I realized that I need a change right now so I step into an Entrepreneurial Journey. Since then I learned a lot from books, courses but also from my mistakes. The life totally changed since I started to have results with my home based business. I am winning competitions, I have coaching clients and what’s the most amazing is that I can work when I want to. No one forces me to get up, drive 1 hour to the work and spend there 10 hours.

What I need is just my laptop and I do choose when I work. That gives me a lot of flexibility, I can go see my son singing in the school, I can go have some fun with my wife. And even I get a flue and I am not able to open laptop for few days, my business keeps growing! So I can simply pass my knowledge to you for free because I know how it feels to struggle and I don’t want you to struggle and to feel alone in your journey.

Check what the million dollar earner Mr. Ray Higdon says about me.

I can help only serious people. If you are a person who is focused on business growth and changing the life don’t hesitate to book free coaching. Let’s have some fun by creating a perfect strategy for your growth but If you are not serious and you want to jump on a free call with me because you are bored, I might finish the call before it reaches 50 min. I respect your time, so I will do all my best to help you. Please respect my time as well.

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