Still struggling with generating leads online? In this post, I share some simple but powerful way to generate leads online.

Simple Way To Generate Leads Online

Generate Leads Online

If you are running a business you probably know that it’s not easy to get a new client. So many businesses disappear because they can’t win with the competitors. Trying to get new clients can be frustrating and can cost a lot. Those entrepreneurs who get the best results run the marketing campaign to attract new people to their business but mostly they are promoting new products and services to existing customers or leads. The list of leads is basically a list of people who are already interested at some point in your offer.

Free Way To Generate Leads Online

Before I give you some examples and ideas about the “Free” ways to generate leads online I want you to understand that there is no such a thing like “Free Strategy”. Many people misunderstand the word “Free” thinking only about the currency. At my entrepreneurial journey, I realized that the most expensive time in the world is Time. Why? Because we can’t create it. Sorry for being so brutal but no matter what you do you will Die someday. So your time is limited and if you are using it wrongly you are basically just wasting it.

Free Marketing strategies take a lot of time. If you don’t have any budget sure you shouldn’t be just sitting on a chair waiting for a miracle but if you have money for a Starbucks or cigarets than you can use that money for paid advertising and save 1 year of your time.

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Anyway, free ways to generate leads could be posting on facebook groups or google plus community. There is 1 thing you need to really remember. People totally ignore money messages, opportunities or any other catchy words. Why? Because marketers who have no idea about marketing spam by using these messages constantly believing that they can generate a sale online by posting something like this: “The only 1 opportunity to make $10K a month! No invested needed! You don’t need any skills! You just have to register here!”. Then they put a stupid looking image of a woman holding a bunch of money.

Only people who will not bring you any good business will react to this kind of messages and images. The question is if you want to attract someone who will make you $2 or someone who will make you $5000+?

Marketing strategies where you don’t have to invest money work, but you have to hit big numbers. If you want to generate 1 good lead probably about 300 people will need to see your message. That is an actually big number. So if you are planning to do only Non-Investment strategies then you really need to work on your marketing message. For example to create better compelling headlines you can use this free tool ->

Small Investment Big Reward

I am a fan of paid advertising because it brings much better results than “Free” strategies. Below you can see some results and numbers when it comes to lead generation and paid advertising.

So basically except that with paid advertising, you can get clicks to your website for just $0.11 or get like to your FB page for just $0.01 you can see that you can get a lead to your business for $2,4. You might think that it’s a lot, but is it really? What would you prefer? To pay $2.5 for a lead that can buy your product for $400 or you would prefer to spend that $2.5 on a Starbucks coffee?

Yes, there is no guarantee that a lead will buy something from you. To be honest many times it will take a while for a lead to decide to buy something from you. But when they do buy, it’s your time to celebrate!

Let’s even think about different numbers. What if you had to invest $5 to get a lead and at some point, that lead buys a $29 ebook from you. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend $5 and earn $24? Now once you made that $24 and you invest $15 for ads and you could earn $72 wouldn’t be that a great result? I think once you start hitting those numbers you will get excited and you could spend the whole day and most of your available money on paid advertising.

This is just an example of $29 ebook. What if your offer’s price was $290 and you paid $20 per lead who buys? Count by yourself how much money you could make ;)

What’s Important

When it comes to lead generation you need to know what your potential clients want and where they are hanging out. For example, if your product is a shampoo for the hair you probably won’t get any leads from a “Bold Head Community” ;) More likely you would want to target people who are in a “We love Rock and Metal” community! LOL. Why? Because many members of that community probably have long hair :)

If you are promoting online courses for entrepreneurs you shouldn’t target people who are below 20 years old. Why? Becuase underage people don’t even have a credit card, so why would you waste your Ads money for someone who will not be even able to buy your things? Also, you shouldn’t target people based on generic keywords like “Online Business Opportunity” because those people don’t even have a business so they wouldn’t buy your course. Better to target people who like Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker etc. because those people are already interested in growth. Random people don’t search for Robert Kiyosaki, random people don’t even know who he is.

So before you set your ads, think about your audience. Where do they hang out online, what they are looking for, what is their struggle?
Once you can find answers to those questions you will start generating massive leads and your business will grow really fast!

I hope you got some value from this post! If you have any question feel free to write them in the comment section below!

Be Unstoppable! Follow Your Dreams!

Kamil Migas

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