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Many people in network marketing, affiliate marketing or any online marketing struggle to get their prospects to buy from them. Some of those prospects think that it’s because of the product or a company which is not true. When you are working on your network marketing business and you see leaders who sell a lot of products you might think that this kind of business is only for special people. This is not true as well.

Leaders in your company special ability are that they understand the psychology of their prospects. The know the triggers that can make prospects to buy from them and they are using those triggers constantly.

It might seem like advanced techniques which are hard to learn but it’s actually a simple psychology and a common sense that plays the big role in the sales strategies

Get Prospects To Buy – Relationship

It’s a long term strategy but it works perfectly everytime you use it. Building a relationship with your prospects is very important because people buy from people who like and trust. Even the product is not the greatest one, many prospects will buy it only that’s because they trust the person who is presenting a product to them. Usually, it’s close friends or family members but the strong relationship you can also build with your prospects even they are strangers.

The important thing is to give them value. If you constantly help your potential clients they will start to trust you. They will know that you are trying to help and they will know that whatever you are showing them has a value. Just be sure that you don’t trick or cheat with your product or business opportunity. Because once the trust is gone it’s very hard to re-build it. Connect with your potential clients on social media, comment on their posts, send birthday wishes and as I mentioned before providing tons of value. This way you will build a strong relationship with your audience and your business will grow.

Get Prospects To Buy – Emotional Triggers

Think about the last thing you bought and ask yourself why you bought it. Probably you will answer that you bought that thing because you needed it. But you need to get deeper. Ask yourself why you needed it.

Over half of the people worldwide buy based on the emotions, not logic. Of course the situations and reasons matters but still most of the sales are made based on the emotional triggers. In order to get your prospects get emotional so you could use it to get them to buy your product or service you need to ask better questions.

Before you even present your product or business opportunity to your prospects you need to find out what their pain is. For example, if you want to present your business opportunity to a Joe then you need to know what struggles Joe currently has. Maybe he is struggling financially, maybe she wants to have a better health. There could be many pains in prospects lives but you need to get to the root of the pain. A simple “I just want to make more money” is not enough to use emotional triggers on your prospects.

If a Joe tells you that he wants to make more money ask him why? You need to know the reason for making more money. Below there is a simple closing conversation which you will know why asking better questions is important.

Joe and Me

Joe: I came to this meeting because I was hoping to learn how to make more money
Me: Cool Joe, I will try to help you ask much as I can. Quick question. Why do you want to make more money?

Joe: You know. More money better life people say so I am hoping to make at least $5K per month.
Me: Well, I agree more money can give you opportunities to do more in life, but why you are looking for a better lifestyle? Is there something you are currently struggling with? Maybe I can help you with that.

Joe: Well, my daughter is getting married after 1 year and I need to prepare for her wedding. We are already in debt to I was hoping to make some extra money on the side so I can prepare a wedding of her dreams for her.
Me: I see. Well, I can help you with it, but before we get to that I need to know if you are coachable.

Joe: I think I am coachable. So how can I make that money?
Me: Ok. Just watch this short presentation and after that let’s talk.

Joe: Ok Thanks.

—- After The Video—-

Me: What did you like the most from this video?
Joe: I like all the things, but the most I liked the income possibility.

Me: Cool. Sounds to me like you are ready to join.
Joe: Well, not sure about that. I said that I like it but I didn’t say that I believe it. I think that I am not the right person for this. The money is great if it’s possible to make it, but…

Me: Not a problem Joe, I totally understand but do you have currently other options to make that extra money per month? because 1 year is not far away from now and I hear that you want to make your daughter’s wedding be her dream wedding.
Joe: You are right, well right now I don’t have any other options and time is running so let’s give it a try. Where can I sign up?

This is just an example of how the conversation could go, but as you can see asking better questions and using the emotional triggers is very important. In the example, above we changed Joe’s focus from the Objection about the business to his daughter and her smile when she gets her dream wedding. It’s a simple conversation but there are many good questions and emotional triggers that can putt your prospects to you.

Next time then you talk to someone about your product or business opportunity remember that the biggest parts in the sales processes are the emotions.

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“How To Get Prospects To Buy“
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