How To Improve Business: The Simplest Strategy

How To Improve Business - The Simplest Strategy

Wondering How To Improve Business? There is a simple strategy which is usually ignored by people but it could improve your business very fast! how to improve business - kamil migas blog

When I started my entrepreneurial journey I was excited and had a strong motivation to do amazing things. It was very fun to prepare everything and build the “Perfect Business Plan“. But as you can expected I failed. People say that 80% of businesses fail and I believed in that. I just didn’t know why so many business fails but the answer is very simple. Most of the business fail because entrepreneurs who create that business have no idea what they are doing. At this point, many people may get offended but this is actually true. I thought that I am the best at what I was doing, but the results didn’t prove it.

How To Improve Business

Your Ego

Ego is a big block when it comes to business and personal growth. As I mentioned before most of the entrepreneurs fails because they “Know” that they know everything. They might read books or go to the seminars but their ego prevents them from learning the most important things. When I was working on my business I was sure that I knew everything. The results were not showing but even that I knew that I know everything. My ego was so damn high that when someone told be that I should learn this or that I got mad thinking “What the hell are you talking about. You don’t even own a business. I don’t want to take an advice from a person who doesn’t even try to be rich“.

Well, this attitude and ego made me fail. I got pushed to the wall, with no money and no opportunities. This is a short personal story to show you that the “I know everything” could only damage you and your business.

Knowledge & Results

No matter how hard you work to improve business or to improve your lifestyle if you don’t have the right knowledge you will fail. Of course, failing is a process of learning and you should never be afraid to fail. BUT! What if you could improve your business faster and what if you could fail only 2 times instead of failing 15 times?

The biggest key is to realize that if you are not at the level you want to be it means there is something you don’t know. For most of the people realizing this is painful but it’s something that you can not run away from if you want to improve business. When you will be able to accept that fact, you will start to learn. I mean really learn, because HEARING a webinar, CD or a speaker on the stage and LISTENING is a totally different thing.


You need to be focused on what you are doing. When you are on the webinar you should put full attention to what the webinar is about. I used to be on the webinars and I was hearing what the coach was saying but to not waste time, as hearing the webinar I was doing many other things like preparing a new blog post, creating a capture page, sending messages to prospects. This was totally waste of my time! I didn’t remember much from the webinar and I messed up the message up my blog post totally and I had to write it again after the webinar. Total focus when learning is necessary if you want to improve skills. I was wondering how to improve business productivity, and I knew that I had to improve my skills but I wasn’t focused enough to learn new things.

Another thing where you need to be totally focused is your business. It’s a beautiful thing to have multiple streams of income. I am teaching how to get the multiple streams of income but there is 1 thing that is missing. The multiple streams of income are amazing when it’s passive! You need to FOCUS first on making your first business work. If you focus on 5 different businesses at once you will just crush!

I love how T Harv Eker explained it: Imagine a rocket with 3 engines. The rocket is heavy and it takes massive energy for the rocket to take off. If all 3 engines are facing down the rocket probably will have no problem with taking off. But what will happen if 1 of the engines was pointing not down but to the left side? Well, the rocket might not even take off but if somehow it takes off it will fall very soon.

The same is with your business. You need to focus 100% on your business growth and you should get distracted by many other opportunities. If you decide that the business you are in is not for you, that’s fine! You can quit and you can start doing something else, but never separate your energy to many businesses at once.

How To Improve Business – Strategy

Look at your results. If you are not at the level where you want to realize that there is something you don’t know. Then learns new things about your market place and look for some generic business knowledge because there is something you missed. Learn from the beginning the basics of running a business. When you find the things which you should know about your industry put a total focus on learning those new skills. This helps you to improve business productivity and you will be ready to work smarter on growing your business. The last thing but very important is to focus on your business growth. When you decide what you want to do, other “amazing” opportunities do not matter. First, focus on your current business until you succeed or until you fail, but do not separate your energy for other things.

Be Unstoppable! Follow Your Dreams!

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