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March 10, 2016
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Struggling with having a positive attitude? You want to keep a positive attitude but then people around bring you down? To keep a positive attitude you need to follow my 6 simple steps.

How To Keep A Positive AttitudeSometimes it’s not easy to keep a positive attitude, especially when everything and everyone around you are negative. There are a lot of things that drag your attitude down and you don’t even know about it because everything happens in your subconscious mind.

To change your attitude from negative to positive and to keep it that way you should follow my 6 steps.


Positive Attitude Step #1 – Change Your Language.

When you take a close look at what kind of words you are using every day you probably will notice that the words and sentences you use are not positive at all.
If for example you often say something like “It sucks!”, “I feel horrible”, “I hate”, “am so tired”, “It won’t work”, “Why this always happens to me” etc. If you say those things how can you keep a positive attitude? Those phrases bring so much negativity to your life. The first step to change and to keep a positive attitude is to change the words and phrases you use.

Positive Attitude Step #2 – Change Your Thoughts.

It may look similar to changing your language but some people are gonna cheat and yeah they will stop Saying negative words and phrases but they will keep thinking about them. If you truly want to keep a positive attitude you need to stop thinking in a negative way.
Yes, I know sometimes life get’s too hard to stay away from negative thoughts and we are just a humans. The trick is to just keep your attention on your thoughts. When things get tough and negative thoughts will come to you recognize those negative thoughts and change them.
I will give you an example.
Let’s say you record your first video and you expect people to like it. Well, there is a big chance that your first video is not the greatest. Now instead of getting likes on that video you get a lot of negative comments.
Now you can think about something negative like “oh I am terrible at it”, “they will never like it”, It’s better to quit before I embarrass myself”
or Instead of thinking about all the negatives, you can use those negative comments to help grow. Think about those comments and about the dislikes about the video, if you can find out what those people didn’t like about your video you can fix it and do a better video next time.

Positive Attitude Step #3 – Focus On Your Vision.

Life get’s hard sometimes, but to keep a positive attitude you need to focus on your vision. First of all, your vision needs to be strong if you don’t know how to create a strong vision, you can Download my Free Ebooks by clicking on the E-Books Image at the top right corner of this post and learn step by step how to create a strong vision. When you feel like your positive attitude little by little is changing to negative attitude think about your vision. Only thinking about goals, vision and the achievements you did or will do in the future makes you feel better. Vision gives you the power to overcome any struggle and any negative situation or even negative people.
You can also learn more about creating a vision on the post of my friend and mentor Here.

Positive Attitude Step #4 – Change your posture.

So simple action but no one talks about it or doing it. You can try it yourself. When you feel that your attitude is not positive and you feel kinda down, smile! What?!
Yup, just smile. I am not telling you “Feel great right now!”, I am just telling you to smile a couple of times without a reason and even you feel so down. Why? because changing your face expression makes you already feel a bit better. Don’t believe me? Try it right now. Without reasons make a BIG smile! If you put a close attention to your face and your emotions even you feel so down, by creating a “FAKE” smile actually makes you feel a bit better. It might be only for a while but it works. So when you Start to feel that your attitude is changing just smile couple of times to not lose the positive attitude.
Also, keep your head up. Did you notice that when you feel down, as you walk you keep your head down? Well maybe not you but most of the people do that. I am not telling you “Keep looking at the sky! Keep looking at the sky!”, but stop looking down. If you just keep your head up and you just look Straight your emotions will change.

Positive Attitude Step #5 – Limitate Negative Sources

What are negative sources? TV, music, posters, news, people, basically everything around you could be a negative source. How do you feel when you watch the news that it’s all about killing, stalling, bad economy, terror etc.? Do you feel great? Of course not. You may say “but I like to know what’s going on in the world. it’s stupid to cut all news off because I will not know anything about what’s going on in my own country and world”. Quick suggestion, ask somebody about it. It’s so much better for your attitude and relationships if you talk to people about the news etc instead of watching all the bad news with even worth images. If you talk to somebody about the news first you will have more topics to talk about, secondly, you will build stronger relationships because you will have the conversation more often and for sure it will be longer and the important part, not seeing and hearing all the negativities directly from the TV news will help you keep positive attitude.

Positive Attitude Step #6 – Be prepared

Great life without troubles and problems happens only in the movies. No matter how rich you are, no matter how positive you are or how wonderful person you are there are going to be problems and struggles. Sometimes small problems and sometimes heartbreaking situations. One of the ways to keep a positive attitude is to realize that as long as you are alive some bad things are going to happen. This is a part of life.
If you prepare yourself and understand that after a breakdown there is always a breakthrough your attitude won’t change much when some negative things will happen in your life.

Remember those 6 powerful steps to keep your positive attitude.
1. Change your language
2. Change your thoughts
3. Focus on your vision
4. Change your posture
5. Limitate negative sources
6. Be prepared

Have a great day!

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