Are you making Excuses? You feel stuck because there is always something that prevents you from growing? Read this to learn how to stop making excuses! excuses-kamil-migas-blog

People are used to making excuses because it’s comfortable. When you can come up with an excuse you don’t have to get tired of going somewhere, you don’t have to feel stressed of meeting people you don’t want to meet, you don’t have to learn or do things that will make you feel uncomfortable. Excuses are nothing else than an exit from a situation you don’t want to be a part of.

2 Types Of Excuses

Survival Excuses. In some life situations, it’s necessary to make an excuse to not get into trouble caused by some friends and sometimes it’s necessary to survive in school or a workplace. It’s or self-protection mechanism that gives us ideas we can use to escape a dangerous situation.

When your friends are about to do something stupid or illegal and they don’t accept a “No” from you, it might be a great idea to come up with an excuse so they could leave you alone. Basically saying it’s good to make an excuse when someone does not understand the phrase “No! I don’t want to!”.

Comfort Excuses. Unfortunately “comfort excuses” are dream killers. These are the type of excuses that will keep you stuck and won’t let you go achieve your dreams. There are many situations where entrepreneurs come up with silly excuses that don’t help anything and anybody. It feels good when you make a comfort excuses, you feel relieved and calm. There is a reason why I called this type of excuses as a “comfort excuses”. The main role of these type of excuses is to keep you comfortable.

When you are working on your business, it’s not always comfortable to do some activities that will skyrocket your business. I would say that during your entrepreneurial journey you will have to go through a lot of uncomfortable situations in order to grow. The problem is that people are not used to getting uncomfortable on purpose and let’s be honest, no one likes to feel uncomfortable. This is why our mind is always prepared with an excuse to keep us comfortable. But how does this help your business and personal growth? Well, instead of helping you, a “comfort excuse” destroys your dreams and your personal growth as well.

How An Excuse Can Destroy Your Goals

This is actually very simple. In order to grow and get better at what you do you have to start doing things, you’ve never done before. This is the way to grow your business and work on your personal development. Remember! The thing that got you to the level you are right now, won’t take you any higher. You have to do something else to get higher and higher. Unfortunately for most people, doing new things and meeting new people is not comfortable.

When you come up with an excuse to not do things you know you should be doing, you are pushing away your dreams. Maybe at the meeting that you run away from was a person who could become your business partner. Maybe if you start blogging and sharing your life experiences you could help people go through the tough times. How can you know the benefits of meeting new person if you are always coming up with excuses and you run away from the uncomfortable situation?

1 single excuse could change your life forever. But I know it’s not easy to stop making excuses. I was a person who could come up with an excuse to everything.

Excuses That Stops You From Achieving Goals

1. “I don’t have enough time”
2. “It’s too hard”
3. “I’m waiting for the right moment”
4. “I don’t have enough money
5. “I’m too tired”
6. “I’ll start tomorrow, next week, next month, next year”
7. “I’m not smart enough for that”
8. “What if I fail?
9. “I have too much on my plate”
10. “I’m too scared”
11. “I’ve already invested too much time in what I’m doing now”
12. “Too many people have already tried and failed”
13. “I’ll do it when the kids are older”
14. “I don’t have the skills
15. “I can’t beat the competition”
16. “No one has ever done it before”
17. “This isn’t the right time”

How To Stop Making Excuses

1. Focus on your vision but also focus on the small milestones. If you focus only on a bigger picture that you are not even sure if it’s possible or not, you will lose the energy to start doing something before you even started. Focus on small milestones that are reasonable at the level you are right now. If you focus on what’s possible in a short period of time, you will not have to come up with excuses. You will just start doing the task because you will know that the first small milestone is very close.

2. Learn about yourself. You know self-awareness is very important because many people don’t see an excuse as an excuse. People don’t even realize that they make tons of excuses. I want you to put a little bit more attention to your feelings and to focus on the things you are thinking about when there is an uncomfortable situation in front of you. At some point, you will see a notice that the excuses you made in the past are ridiculous and there was no point of making them. Pay attention to responses you give to another people.

3. 5 sec rule. I talked about 5 sec rule before but this is just to remind you. Whatever you are thinking about doing to grow your business take action in less than 5 sec. It takes about 5 sec for your mind to give you doubt, excuse or to make you feel scared about something. The best way to stop making excuses is to take action before you come up with an excuse. It doesn’t have to be the major action, it can be something small as walking.

Imagine this kind of situation:
You are a network marketer and you want to prospect people on the street. When you see someone that looks professional, you feel that he or she will be good for your business. Since that thought you’ve got 5 sec to start walking toward that person. Thought & Action. As you can see, walking is action so by saying “Take Action” I don’t mean “recruit them now”. You just need to let your body know that you are about to do the thing you were thinking about. Unfortunately, you’ve got only 5 sec before you come up with an excuse but believe me, this strategy works. This strategy will bring you a lot and you will be able to grow your business faster. Remember, 5 sec rule can help you not only with a business but with your personal life as well.

Be Unstoppable!

Kamil Migas

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  • Great post kamil, Up coming entrepreneurs like myself would need such helpful information. Keep up the good work!! Can i share this on my blog?

  • Jimmy, Thank You for the comment. On your entrepreneurial journey, you will get tons of excuses but remember that those people who fight through the obstacles and excuses are the people who succeed.

    Sure you can share this on your blog, but please don’t copy the entire post.
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