I Have Tried: The Quitter Mentality Review

I Have Tried - The Quitter Mentality Review

I Have Tried is what Quitters say. If you often say “I have tried but it didn’t work” read this post to learn how to achieve your goals!

How many times did you try to make your business work? How many times you changed your business because you thought that it will never work? There is a specific mindset behind these actions. The quitter mentality is like a virus that gets’s into our body when we are around 5 – 7 years old.

We learn how to deal with a failure and we learn how to achieve even difficult things when we are kids. The support of the parents. teachers and coaches are the keys in learning achieving things after the failure.

Unfortunately, most of the kids don’t get enough support from their role models. Especially now, when most of the kids are spending the most of their time playing games on their mobile devices. Below I share some thoughts about the Quitter Mentality and how to change it to achieve goals in life and business.

Lack Of Vision

Many people try to achieve something but they are not sure what it is. You can try and play around to see what works. But trying and playing around won’t bring you big results. You need to know exactly what you want. A Vision is not a small goal that can be achieved in the next 2 weeks. A Strong and bright vision is the biggest long term goal. The small milestones, goals and strategies between now and you biggest goal can change all the time. You should work to improve your work without a doubt but your end goal (Your Vision) can’t change. When you wake up in the morning first you should step into your vision.

Why is this important? Because if you build a powerful vision it will help you break through a lot of obstacles. A solid vision won’t let you quit. If you don’t, believe me, it means your vision is not strong and not bright enough to break through the dark clouds of doubts.

Past Experiences

I am sure you had some small or bigger failures in your life, everybody experienced some kind of failure. If that experience was very emotional then there is a big chance that this feeling is kept inside you all the time. When you are attempting to do something new, the flashback of the failure hits you in your face. This is one of the most difficult things to overcome, especially when you experienced a lot of pain that came from failing.

You should stop focusing on the past. I know it’s not easy but it’s necessary. A strong vision will help you with it. Read the Quitting Trigger #1 again and work on your vision. When you create strong and bright one, instead of focusing on your past you will be focused on your future.

I Have Tried

What you say out loud or even in your mind only is very important. When you are saying things like “I Have Tried“, “It doesn’t work“, “I am bad at this” you are actually bringing those circumstances to live! Think about it, when you are saying negative things, what are you focusing on? Are you focusing on something good or bad? Here is a challenge, try to be as much as possible upset, negative, angry, sad etc. and try to say something nice to someone or try to arrange the domino. It won’t work! Because there is to many negativity and stress going through your veins at that time.

A key to achieving anything in your life and business is to stop saying not-supportive words and phrases. It doesn’t serve you at all, it just damages slowly your life, career, marriage and everything that is important to you.

The Comfort

It’s easier to blame someone or something for our failures. It makes us comfortable at some point. There are a lot of people who love comfort so much that they are willing to sacrifice everything they got for a few minutes of comfort and relax. I want you to realize that 15 min of comfort and quiet moment can cause 2 years of struggle. If you are an entrepreneur then you need to know that Being An Entrepreneur Is Not Always Comfortable. Try stop saying the “I have tried” and no matter what try to do it again and again.

How do I know? Well a few years ago I was tired and just wanted to relax and rest. I knew that I have to renew a domain of one of my websites but since it was not comfortable to get up and use 15 min of my time I chose to do it later. Well, I was too late, my domain was gone and somehow at the same day, someone purchased that domain. Well, this is just an example from my personal experience but the point is that Excuses like comfort or relax can cause a struggle for months or years.

The Quitter Mentality

I am sure you heard “Quitters will be always quitters“. I don’t agree with it. Being a quitter right now doesn’t mean that you will be a quitter forever. Quitting is just a state of mind that you can work on. If you work on developing a strong vision and if you constantly work on your mindset you can break the Quitter Pattern.

Of course, nothing comes easy, but you need to ask yourself. Do you want people to see you as a failure? I am sure you are not a failure because you are reading this post to learn how to quit being a quitter. But if you keep quitting, people around you will see you as a failure and that won’t help your growth. This feeling and people’s eyes will drag you down.

Quitters also look for the attention. They get satisfied when they get attention from other people based on their failures. These people don’t look up, they don’t look for inspirational people. Their main focus is people who also failed or those who would understand and accept their failures.

Please don’t get into that trap. Find people who will pull you up and if it’s necessary to find people who will kick your butt so you could move forward.

Be Unstoppable!

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  • Hi Kamil.

    Amen to this. Because almost all of us get that Quitter Influence when we’re babies, them, from that critical 5 to 7 year old window. Like we are programmed to quit because many teach us quitting is the way to go. Your rocking post shows why you need to have a vision. To see beyond circumstances. Goodness knows if I had no vision I could not have seen past temporary appearances – failure, lack of finances, etc – to be the person I have become. You gotta BE, to become, and BEING means being a powerful, inspiring person, independent of how things look around you.

    It’s easy to act rich when we have $100,000 in the bank. Not so much when we have 4 cents. But that’s why we need a vision. It’s the very thing that prevents us from quitting.

    Awesome inspiration brother. Love it :)


  • Rave Kumar

    Nice Information

  • Thank You Rave for stopping by and reading my post!

  • Ryan, thank you for the comment. I totally agree with you. It’s not easy to act rich or even think positively when we have only a few cents in the bank account. That’s why the long-term vision is important. I am following your journey at bloggingfromparadise.com and I can see that you had and you still have a solid vision. That’s inspiring and lots of people should learn from you!

    Thanks again for stopping by and reading this post!