Improve Your Life: Better Lifestyle Secret Revealed

Improve Your Life - Better Lifestyle Secret Revealed

Constantly looking for a way to Improve Your Life? The only way to have a better lifestyle is to focus on 1 specific thing, which is a will to change. improve-your-life-better-lifestyle-kamil-migas-blog

Do you realize that so many people struggle in life? Either it’s a financial struggle or a struggle of not having enough free time. Many people struggle with both of these things. Let me share you my short story to show you where I come from and why I totally understand your pain, if you are currently struggling. In today’s post, I will share some personal stories and will give you an idea on how you can improve your life to have a better lifestyle, to not struggle financially and to help you get more free time for your family and friends.

Improve Your Life

When I was 18 I moved to Japan to get marriage with women I love. At that time I was working part time and I was changing jobs pretty often because I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. When we got our 1st son everything changed. I couldn’t play around anymore because I had to take care of my family. I started to work full time as a gardener.

The job wasn’t that bad except that most of the times I had to work 10 – 12 hours. Only Sunday was off but many times I had to work on Sunday too. The money was just enough to live without some extra fun. At some point, I realized that my little son will not know who the father is because when I was leaving to work everybody was sleeping and when I was coming back from work my wife was already preparing my son to go to sleep.

IImprove Your Life am a hard worker and I was working hard to provide enough for my family. Well, as I mentioned before no time and just enough money to live wasn’t great. I started to think about a solution. I couldn’t really change job because it wasn’t easy to find a new one since I was a foreigner in Japan and I didn’t finish any good school. The only thing I could come up with was an online business. First I wanted to make more money so my wife and son would have more fun and after that, I wanted to make enough to be able to quit my job.

I spent countless hours on the internet looking for a good business opportunity. Started some business but Instead of earning I was losing money. I failed many times and I started to think that everybody who makes money online says BS only to earn profits. I still wanted a better lifestyle so I kept looking for something that worked.

Trying different things and constantly learning from different people led me to where I am now. To make the story short, currently I am living with my family in Poland and I am able to work whenever I want. The only 1 tool I need to make money online is my Laptop. So I can say proudly that I am working from home. I can spend more time with my family and we can have way more fun now!

The Secret To Improve Your Life

Many people complain a lot about their situation. People don’t like their jobs, their finances. They wish to have a better lifestyle but many of them don’t do anything to change their circumstances. They start to play the role of VICTIM and this is where their main focus goes.

If you want to improve your life, first of all, you need to stop complaining. I am not sure if you know anything about “The Law Of Attraction” but when you are complaining you are focusing on what’s wrong with your life. When you are focusing on the negativity you are attracting more negative things into your life. People might say “It’s not easy to focus on good and positive when you have difficult circumstances“. Well, first of all, I know it’s possible because I had a crappy job, I didn’t have money and debt collectors were chasing me every day. Secondly, that exact sentence is already a complaining, did you notice?

What we are focusing makes a difference in our lives. Even the circumstances are not easy we can’t forget to focus on the goal.

Another thing is that you need to actually want to improve your life. Being a VICTIM doesn’t help you with anything. You only get some attention from other people who don’t have an easy life as well. Question: Do you want the attention and someone to feel sorry for you or do you want to improve your life to create a better lifestyle for you and your family?

You need to decide if you want to stay where you are right now or not. Unfortunately, don’t get disappointed but there is no such a thing as “Staying where you are” because you are never is the same place or level. Either you are going up or down. So if you think “Ahh… At least someone understands my pain” then you are going down, and you are dragging your family with you.

Focus On The Change

Everyone knows that money is important. If you think a different way then you should work on your mindset. But to just be clear about it, without a money you will die. Sorry for saying harsh things here but in today’s world without money you can’t pay the bills, you can’t buy food and when you get sick you can’t go see a doctor. If you think that the money is the root of evil than I suggest you to read “Is Money The Root Of All Evil?“.

If you agree that money is important that’s great! But thinking about money won’t improve your life. You can’t have a better lifestyle when you focus on money because the money is a result. It’s a result of your brilliant ideas, it’s a result of your hard work. You can’t eat an apple if you don’t plant an apple tree first. Money is a result of something else and to earn more money you need to focus on the things that make money.

You need to see your current results and you need to know what produced those results. Now, to improve your life and finances you need to figure out what to change. If you learn new skills or if you at least change your habits your life will start improving. You can stop the struggle, just decide to change!

That’s all for now, I don’t want to make this post too long but in soon future, I will give you more thoughts about improving your life!

I hope you got some ideas and a hope of creating a better lifestyle for yourself and for people who are important to you!

Be Unstoppable! Follow Your Dreams!

P.S. If you want to talk and if you want me to help you improve your life you can Book 1 Hour Coaching Call with me for FREE. Don’t forget that I am here to help you so if you need any advice or you need somebody to hear you out don’t hesitate to Book My Free Coaching!

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