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September 24, 2014
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September 30, 2014

What’s the Key To Your Success? New entrepreneurs have a lot to learn. They need to build their confidence, get better at talking to people, building rapport, making sales etc.Shoe Is The Key To Your Success - Unbelievable!

There is so much to learn but most of people want results right away. To not waste any minute I will help you understand the Psychology of Learning new skills.
Believe me or not, but your SHOE is the key to learn new skills and getting better at what you do!

Let’s make a list of common skills new network marketers need to learn:
1. Speaking.
2. Confidence.
3. Presenting.
4. Closing.
5. Follow Up skills.
6. Teaching.
7. Posture.

So what this common skills list has to do with a Shoe?
The answer is very simple, let’s get back to time when you were 5 – 7 years old.
When you were around this age probably you were learning to tie your shoes. Wasn’t that frustrated experience? People around you could tie their shoes but you were the only one who couldn’t. You tried several times but you still couldn’t figure it out. What did you do then?  You said “No More! I can’t do it! Mommy please do it for me!” and now when you are adult you still need your mom help to tie your shoe? Of course not! You did it again and again and again till you found out how to do it.
Couple weeks later your sat down on the chair and you started to think “How do I tie my shoe?”? ;)
No you knew how to do it, every morning you were doing it automatically without thinking! It became a part of your life!

Shoe Is The Key To Your Success - Unbelievable - Kamil MigasDear friends, learning the skill of your business is exactly the same! When you are afraid to talk to people, do it and do it again! When you don’t have confidence or you don’t know how to close sale, do it and do it again till you get better and better.
Wait a second! This is small problem! I have to deal with strangers or even more scary thing I have to deal with my own head! You can’t compare it to “Tie your Shoe” problem; it’s not even a Problem!
Well for you it’s not a problem because you did it so many times that you know exactly how to do it.
For 6-7 year old child this is a BIG Problem. You can do math on this (2 + 2 -5 =?)right?  It’s easy! Guess what, for a child that didn’t learn math it’s a HUGE problem! How possibly there can be a number below 0? ;)

So learning new business skills is exactly the same situation as learning how to tie your shoe!
You have to practice! Maybe some of you got a little bit disappointed, maybe you expected a better tip, if so please tell me about it in the comment box below this blog.  But if you noticed so many people are spending HOURS on learning the THEORY and they say something like “I will start to do it when I will learn how to do it! LOL. Just do it! As practicing you will learn the best way FOR YOU!

Want better results in your business? Learn new skills.
Want to get better at what you to? PRACTICE until you will be Great at it!

As practicing you may get nice surprise, sudden sign up,Shoe Is The Key To Your Success - Unbelievable Blog Post new idea, more leads etc.
Stop spending hours on learning the THEORY, soon after you learn something from a book, video, article go and do what you’ve learned! It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you will never be great at anything if you don’t practice. Remember “Every Master Was Once a Disaster” – T. Harv Eker

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Have a great day!

Kamil Migas

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