Would you like to make extra 500 Dollars monthly? If we reject all scams there are few proven ways to make 500 Dollars Online Monthly.500 dollars Work from home SAHM WAHM

Are you constantly looking for ways to make extra money online? As you probably noticed, on the internet, there is a lot of hype and scams that promise fast cash for nothing. In the past, I stopped believing in making money online for free because of all that crap on the internet. I thought that you can make money online only when you have big enough budget to invest in advertising, websites, tools and many other things that are not cheap. This made me feel down a bit because I didn’t have a big budget to invest in ads or any other things that could make me some money. When I started I had only $300 and it wasn’t enough at all so while going through many different companies and opportunities I spend way more than $300 and earned about $50. It wasn’t good business at all!

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The Benefit Of Going Through All The Online Crap

Losing money, time and hope for making extra 500 Dollars online weren’t really wasted. While trying all different opportunities I learned what works and what doesn’t. Now it’s so easy for me to notice when something is a scam, hype or even illegal opportunity.

For example, in the past, I was chatting with a guy who had an “amazing” opportunity but I wasn’t sure if it’s even legal. When I asked him about it he didn’t even answer and got offended by saying “Do you want to pass?” than he was telling me that I lost my chance. Here you can see a piece of our conversation.How To Make 500 Dollars Online Monthly Bad Chat

I get it. It’s waste of your time to try to close someone when they are not interested, but if you can’t answer someone’s questions or even whore if you know that your prospect is right and you are trying to scam him than I am sorry, you should find a better opportunity or learn how to handle questions and objections if you really believe in your business and products. You can watch Free training of handling the objections HERE.

What works and what doesn’t work?

This is a very difficult question because technically anything could work. Even scams and super hype opportunities could work if you do things by your own way, unfortunately sometimes do something with your own way or own ideas are against the company policy and you might get kicked out or it could cause you even bigger problems. Also, you may waste so much time trying to make things happen but you won’t get any benefits from it.

People often ask if it’s worth to join a business opportunity that is free. Usually, I say that it’s not worth it because you won’t treat it as a business, also the opportunity that says it’s free cost you more than you can expect. Many people say that Time is money but they don’t really feel it. So when you join a “Free” opportunity it will consume a lot of your time. Understand that if there are products and opportunities for free probably support is not good, leadership is not so good, tools and websites aren’t good as well. Some people might get offended by saying “my business is for free and everything is awesome there!” but if we compare their business with a business that requires a minimum of investment you will see what I am talking about.

Here is a question. Would you like to join something for free and work 12 months to make that extra 500 Dollars monthly or you prefer to invest a minimum, get right tools and support and make that extra monthly 500 Dollars in a month or less? You know the answer.

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How To Make 500 Dollars Online Monthly

Make 500 Dollars Online Monthly Kamil MigasI made my first money online with a training and leadership developing a platform. This Platform is not just an affiliate program that helps you make some extra money online, but it’s also a training platform that teaches you to step by step every possible ways and strategy to grow your business by leveraging the internet.
You have hundreds of hours of pure value training on almost every topic like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin marketing, prospecting, lead generation and more. Only those training are worth thousands of dollars but the company gives it to members so they could grow their online businesses.

How much can you earn with this platform? Nothing or a lot! What I mean is that if you believe in magic that will make you thousands by not doing anything then it won’t work. If you understand that you need to do at least minimum work then you can make way more than 500 Dollars.

This is a small disclaimer because I had a person who joined and believes in magical power that drops money on him and after that he blamed me, but also I have a girl who knew that she had to take action and by using the tools, training which company provides now she is making way more than a two thousand per month working only 3,5 hours a day. So you need to understand that without your action even the greatest opportunity won’t work.

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I am not gonna explain it all here because no one is gonna read it anyway. You can watch a free video that explains exactly how to make 500 Dollars or more online. You will need to enter your name and email to let me know who is watching that video but I suggest you do it if you want to know the 5 steps to make the extra 500 Dollars monthly.

Have an awesome day my friend!

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