Trying to make a lot of money online but all you get is a disappointment? The reason why most of the people can’t make a lot of money is not the lack of knowledge or a lack of tools. There is 1 hidden truth about making money online, internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

I’ve been building a business online for a while now and I learned what works and what doesn’t work. During my entrepreneurial journey, I noticed that most of the online marketers or affiliate marketers face 4 major problems. It’s Lack Of Training, Traffic, Sales Experience, and Low Commissions.

When people join some Affiliate Marketing program they expect amazing results and they think that after 4-8 months they will be able to make good enough income to quit their jobs, live stress-free etc. The reality is that most of the affiliate marketers either don’t make any money online or they make a very small commission which is not even enough to pay all the bills.

As I mentioned before, there are 4 major things online marketers struggle with. Most of the affiliate programs don’t give you good enough training, they just give you an affiliate link. I personally think that this is the stupidest thing ever. Why? Because it’s like giving someone an airplane with powerful Engines, not showing that person how to fly it.

You can easily guess that most of the people won’t even know how to take off. Some people who are lucky enough to take off that plain without previous lessons will crash within first few miles.

It’s the same thing with trying to promote your affiliate link without getting a proper training. Yeah! You can learn by your own mistakes but what if your house, food, and family depend on your breakthrough? Are you still willing to wait till you learn by your mistakes? I guess you don’t feel like it anymore.

If you are new to Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing, please don’t join an affiliate program that doesn’t provide the proper training. Because you will crush!

Another 2 things that can prevent you to make a lot of money are traffic and sales process. Ok, let’s be honest here. Most of the Affiliate marketers hate selling. Either they are not good at selling or they just hate it for some other reason. That’s why instead of becoming a salesman knocking on people’s door they choose to be an Online Marketer. Why? Because everything can be automatical.

I don’t like cold calling. I do it when it’s necessary, but I prefer to stay away from it. I prefer to forward all the leads to the sales team. They will do the Phone Call follow up and sell the products for me. But here is another problem, the traffic or I would say Leads. But not knowing how to generate traffic to your affiliate offer or how to generate leads is just a lack of proper training.

What If You Are Great Internet Marketer?

You may find yourself in a position where you do well all the Online promoting, face to face talk with your prospect but you still can’t make enough money. You need to realize that sometimes how much you make it’s not only your fault.

See this example. In order to make $5000 by selling a $39 worth ebooks, you would need to sell over 128 e-books. So if you want that $5K to show up in your bank account every month you would need to sell over 128 every single month! It’s not realistic!

But most of the affiliate marketers don’t know any better way to make money online. They focus on selling e-books from amazon or some expensive online courses that pay them only 10% commissions. This is the biggest reason why affiliate marketers can’t quit their jobs. They would love to focus 100% on their online business but selling 128 books monthly is not possible.

How To Make A Lot Of Money

What do you think it’s easier, selling 128 books every single month or getting 3 high paying clients? Whatever you think, I am telling you that getting that 3 clients are much easier. What if you could find 1 very high paying client every 2 months and make not $5K but $10K monthly? Yes, that’s possible, but you need special training for it.

If someone gives me the biggest luxury airplane I would be very happy. But that airplane would have to be in a hangar for a while. I wouldn’t even try to fly it if I didn’t know how, simply because I would not want to destroy it and risk my life.

If you want to make a lot of money online first you need to go through the right training and after that instead of focusing on low commission product, you should focus on promoting to a high paying potential clients. The best affiliate marketers find 2-3 high paying clients at the beginning of the month and after that, they have a resting time. I would say a “creating memories time” because most of the people who start and online business do it for the Laptop Lifestyle!

Nothing Is Free

If I ask you “what are the Free Strategies you use to promote your products?” What would you tell me?

There is a big misunderstanding when it comes to Free Strategies, Free Leads, Free Promoting etc. There is no such a thing Like Free Leads or Free Strategies. Maybe you don’t have to do a financial investment to some strategies, but you are investing something much more than a currency when you do the “Free Strategies”. Your time is the most expensive thing ever. Even if you don’t feel like it, I am telling you Your Time is the most expensive thing you could ever have!

Why? Because money, you can always earn. Even if you invest and you loose you can always come up with a strategy to make money. But can you come up with a strategy how to Live 160 years? If you do please contact me so we could sell that Formula to Billions! Time is something you only lose and there is no way to get it back. Once you use it for something you can’t go back in time. Every second you are getting older and every second you have less time to use.

That’s why, when people post “Free Strategies To Generate Leads” it just makes me laugh. The Free strategies are the most expensive if it doesn’t work fast enough to cover your time loss.

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Have an awesome day my friend!

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