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A lot of people are looking for a way to make some extra money on the side. Some people want to just increase a home budget, other people want to start making money on the side to prepare for creating an own business.

Recently I received a message from a person who wanted to know more about making money online. I asked that person few questions and told that person that we could work it out together. The response was very surprising. Basically, that person didn’t want to invest any money, didn’t want to learn anything and didn’t want to use the time for creating a strategy or any plan. I had difficult circumstances and I wasn’t able to invest, so I don’t bash that person, I kinda get it. But not willing to invest, learn and plan and only wanting the money to fall from the sky is a little bit ridiculous.

Making Money On The Side – Obstacles

Lack Of The Time.

There are many people who don’t have enough time. They leave house early morning and come back at night from work. While then they have to pick kids up from a school, go see a doctor and some of them still have to prepare a dinner for the whole family. This is very busy schedule and an excuse of lack of the time is totally acceptable, right? Well, not really. I know many people including myself that people would consider Extremely Busy. When we were this much busy, we were thinking only about taking a nap. Sleeping 3-5 hours a day clearly wasn’t enough for us. But we still wanted to start making money on the side and we wanted to change our circumstances.

Even if it was 30 min a day, we kept working on our business. No matter how busy we worked on the side project after the regular job. Two hours, one hour or 15 min, but we worked every day because we knew that money will not fall from the sky only because we want to. We had to take action.

Lack Of The Money To Invest.

When the time was difficult all I wanted is something that works but doesn’t cost. Well, I learned my lesson. Sorry to say that but there is no such a thing as “no cost” money making the machine. I joined several programs that were “Free” and tried to make money for few months. I was working hard and I did everything that the companies were telling me to do to make money. The result was that I didn’t invest even a $1 for those things but I wasted many months from my live. The time is money and I would love to pay someone to give me that few months back but well, it’s impossible and it’s the past.

I want you to know that there is no such a thing as my friend requested “no investment making money machine“. Either you need to invest a small amount of money or you have to invest your times. But You can’t start making money on the side if you reject both of these things. It’s just impossible. If you are still believing that you can make money by not investing the time or money and by not trying to learn new things, you could just look at the stars and say “drop me a million dollars right now“. The result will be the same, just a disappointment.

Lack Of The Skills

“Every master was once a disaster” as T. Harv Eker says. If you knew how to create income from home you wouldn’t read this blog. It’s not necessary to know everything when you are just starting. The whole with second income ideas starts with learning new things.

There are courses, ebook, webinars where you can learn new things about making money online. But as I mentioned before it requires the Time Investment. Even if you are not a tech person don’t worry about it. I wasn’t a tech person as well, I didn’t know how to write a blog post as well. You can go to

As long as you are alive you can learn new skills. Your age, sex or race doesn’t matter at all. There is still a room for you to learn new skills and to achieve your goals.

How To Make Money On The Side

There are many ways to start making money online. My income comes from a few places actually, but if you are a person that don’t have much time or you are a person who is worried about the lack of skills doesn’t worry, I got you covered.

One of the great ways to make money from home without quitting your job is an affiliate marketing. You basically promote and sell someone else’s products and services and you get some percentage pers sell. It might sound complicated but it’s not if you know how to do it. What if you get an opportunity to additionally make something between $500 and $3000 monthly? Of course, you might not earn anything if you come with the mindset of the “money falling from the sky” wish but if you are ready to start even a minimum, you still can make some extra money on the side monthly.

I am working closely with everybody who decided to work personally with me. I teach all the marketing, prospecting, promoting, posting, blogging etc. strategies to help people get results online. If you want to learn more about what I do and if you want to actually start making money online you can watch THIS FREE VIDEO. There is a presentation showing you what you get by starting to work closely with me. I also communicate personally with my people and create challenges to push them through the barriers. This is one powerful way which helps me learn more and thanks to this community I am making money on the side as well.

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You need to invest either time or money to start a business or to start making money on the side. The mindset of “I wish money to fall from the sky” is the exact reason why you are not making more money. If you want to earn more either with your business or just on the side I suggest start working on your mindset. Because even to win a money in a lottery you still have to go outside and pay for the lottery game. Be prepared with the opportunity knocks, either financially or mentally, but you need to be prepared.

Be Unstoppable!

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  • Thank you for sharing Kamil. I was one of the many that started to make money on the side of my other job until I went full time making money online. It’s for sure possible. :)

  • Thank You Loetta for the comment. Yes, it’s possible for everybody who is willing to work for it. This post is a reminder for those who wish to get everything without doing anything. You are doing an amazing work with your blog and I see you are also connected to Ray. I believe he motivates you as lot ;) Loetta, keep inspiring home based business owners. Show them what’s possible :)