Marketing Mix Strategies For Constant Business Growth

Struggling with marketing? Use the best marketing strategies and mix them up for Fast Business Growth! Read this post to learn Marketing Mix Strategies! Marketing Mix Strategies For Constant Business Growth

No matter what kind of business you are running, marketing is something that you can’t go around. Either you do it right and get results or you do it totally wrong and you struggle with getting new clients or team members.

Today I wanted to share with you a couple of marketing strategies which you can mix up to build your empire. Because we live in the world where we have electronic devices everywhere around us and almost everybody has the access to the internet I will focus on the strategies you use online.

Marketing Mix Strategy #1 – Social Media

Did you know that a lot of people who are trying to promote their product or business on Facebook do it wrong? Instead of attracting new clients they push them away. Most of the marketers who use Facebook as a marketing platform are doing it wrong because no one taught them the right way.

You are not allowed to spam on Facebook. Whan I mean is that you can’t constantly publish “shining” posts on the Facebook wall or Facebook Groups. This creates a huge rejection! No one likes spammers!

How to market on Facebook.
Well, there are a couple of things you can do. If you choose Facebook ads, you can build your business fast. You have to invest in that tho, so if your budget is not big enough to start Ads Campaign I would suggest not to touch FB Ads for a while.

The best way to market on Facebook is to attract people with a value. You need to provide value which could be a positive quote, an interesting blog post or something that helps to solve your audience’s problems. I know you want to generate leads and I know you want to sell as many as possible products but you won’t succeed if you just post “catchy” lead capture form on your timeline or in a facebook group. If you want to attract new clients to you, please provide value and build relationships with your audience by commenting back, liking their comments and posts and sending personal messages.

Marketing Mix Strategy #2 – Blog

I hope you know how powerful Blogging is. I am sure you are following some leaders, mentors or coaches. Check their profiles and websites, I can bet that most of them have a blog. The blog is very important to build an audience but it’s also a nonstop money making a machine. It works for you 24/7 and you can promote anything you want on it. So even if you don’t feel that you are a good writer, I suggest you to start blogging. It doesn’t have to be every day and it doesn’t have to be 2000 words pers post. You will be already better than most of the marketers when you just start a blog. Most of the marketers don’t have a blog, usually, they don’t get big results as well.

What should you write about?
It’s up to your business. The purpose of blogging is to help your audience’s problems, share your knowledge and attract new clients to you 24/7.  Many people have a huge rejection to blogging because they think that it doesn’t fit their type of business. This is total bull crap. A blog can be used to any type of business, any product, and any service.

Here are some examples of what to write about based on product or service:

1. Animal Food (Product) – Write about animals health and behaviors. If you have an animal, write short posts daily about your animal and include photos.
2. Housekeeping (Service) – Write tips and hack about taking care of the house and cleaning. Share products which are best for cleaning specific things in the house. Try to include Before & After photos.
3. Network Marketing (Industry) – Write about prospecting, recruiting etc. Even if you don’t have results yet, start writing tips you learned at company events or from your mentor.
4. Gardening (Service) – Write tips and tricks for keeping your garden green and fresh. Teach how to get rid of the ant permanently and how to cut the trees.

Of course, these are just random examples but I want to show you that your business doesn’t have to be an online business to start blogging. Your product or service can be totally Offline, but you still can use the power of the blog to attract new clients or customers to you. The main thing is to share your knowledge with others. Now you might think , when you share your knowledge with others you will run out of the business. That’s not true. Your potential clients will see that you know how to do things. They will trust your service because you know what you are doing and because people are willing to pay someone to do the work instead of them you will get new clients.

Learn More about Blogging and Online marketing HERE

Marketing Mix Strategy #3 – Lead Generation

This is a key for any business. Leads are your potential clients so you need to start generating leads. The easiest way to do it is to provide value to attract people to your blog or page where people could enter their name and email for the exchange of something that helps them solve their problem. For example, if your service is and elderly care, you can write a 1-page note where you share “7 things that help elderly people to be happier“.

From your experience, you can share your thoughts about it on 1-page Free PDF. Then you hide this PDF being a Lead Capture Form. Usually, people who want someone to take care of their parents are the people who don’t have enough time to take care of their old mother or father but at the same time, they want them to be happy. it could be “how to help your old mother“, “how to take care of your old father” etc. These are just an examples, but I hope you see the point.

You think about your potential client’s problems and you share a solution with them by providing a free giveaway. Once they enter their name, email and maybe phone number they get your free giveaway and you have a contact info to a person who probably would be very interested in your service.

Again, the best way to attract and capture leads is by providing a value at your blog.

If you mix these strategies and use them constantly, your business can grow to the level you can’t even imagine right now. These strategies are actually very simple to understand and most of the people are aware of these strategies, so maybe it wasn’t something new to you. But even people are aware of these strategies, most of the people do nothing wondering why they don’t get results. The key here is action. You need to take action to get results and if you take action every day based on these strategies I promise, your business and life will be totally changed.

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