Where to find people to talk to? How to start a conversation? Learn How to sign people up to MLM On Facebook using Jessica Higdon Scripts!How To Sign People Up To MLM On Facebook

People in our industry all the time are searching for the answer to these questions.
In this blog post, you will learn exactly how to find people, how to talk to them and how to make them sign up using very simple approach.

People are complaining that they don’t have people to talk to about their business. I’m in NFL CLUB! (No-Friends-Left) This is THE reason why I can’t make sign up or sell anything! Oh really? Come on!
People who say that usually spend hours every single day on Facebook playing Candy Crush or some other game.  Please realize that on Facebook there are MILLIONS of people to talk to! You may say that you don’t know those people, it’s AWKWARD to talk to strangers and they won’t trust me enough to buy from me anyway. Well, you need to know, those are just your excuses based on the Fear of Rejection. There are few strategies and tricks you can use to make daily / weekly sign ups o Facebook and other social media.

Social Media Recruiting

First off all they need to see you as an Expert. Even you are brand new to this industry there is a formula that will make you look like an expert when you are talking to people about your business on Facebook.

 So for example, if someone talked to you about their business and showed you their presentation, conversation using this formula could look like this:

Kamil Migas - Network Marketing - Free Tips - Free Leads

When you will response to your prospect using this formula they will look at you as an expert and they will want to know more about you. Simply they will get curious about what you do ;)

Before you start to talk to people you need to know where to find them right?

The fastest way is to look into network marketing groups on facebook and fan pages.
Here are couple of places where you want to look for people:
– Robert Kiyosaki
– Randy Cage
– Dani Johson
– Law of Attraction
– Travel Channel
– Best Hotels
– The Secret

I love Law of attraction and The Secret communities. People in that group believe that things happen to them for a reason and by their action and thoughts they can attract things they want into their life.
Guess what they will think when you start to talk to them ;)

You can talk to anybody but if you will want to Recruit Leaders I suggest you find positive and intelligent comments/posts.
Here are some points that show if a person you are looking at is a Leader or not:
1. Are They agree with the post ?
2. Are They speaking from Experience or Theory?
3. Are They show power or weakness?
4. Are They Open?
5. Are They Active?
Everything, when you check peoples, comment ask yourself these questions.

MLM Recruiting Secrets

Talking to people on Facebook and another social media is fun; a closing process is, even more, fun!
When you build rapport, talk to them for a while and when you find their problem you can start to get more business. Here are some Jessica Higdon’s Scripts that will help you recruit through Social Media.

Closing Script 1.
“Based on what you’ve shared with me I think you may want to take a look at what I do.
We’ve helped a lot of people in your situation, I don’t know if the business is a fit but I think you’d love the product.”

Closing Script 2.
“I run a side project for busy people, to help them ___(problem)___ , if you’re open I could send you some info”.

There are many ways to build interest and close the sale.
I think many people just make things difficult by themselves. People in their subconscious mind they think everything must be freaking difficult. That stops them from taking action. You may think that everything that is good and makes a lot of money is hard to earn and you never will be to do it. Think one more time, the Facebook approach it’s not so difficult that you can’t learn it, is it? You can use scripts and practice. I like what T. Harv Eker says “Every master was ones a disaster”, everybody who are great at something one day they were terrible at it! Practice, Practice Practice and you will get better at everything you need to grow your business.

I learned these strategies and got scripts from 10K Social Media Formula Training. My friend Jessica Higdon was able to create 10K residual income using social media and strategies that she teaches in this training. I highly recommend you to get this course.
In 10K Social Media Formula you will be able to learn:

1. The Biggest Mistakes most people make on their Social Media Profiles.
2. How to Brand Yourself as a Credible Professional.
3. Posting for Profit (What to post and how to do it)
4. Identifying your target market.
5. Best Groups and Pages to Find Prospects (generic and based on your company)
6. Personality Traits of LMHV’s (Leaders)
7. Recap of First Message Formula (amazing templates for your messages)
8. Initial Contacts  – What you can do and what you can’t do with new FB Updates
9. Your Daily Routine
10. Instagram, Twitter and Google + strategies!

11. How People Think (how to recruit at will)
12. How to tell people What You Do
14. Questions and Statements to dive Deep and find their pains
15. “Pitching” the “Pitcher” formula and examples
16. A lot of real examples of conversations and closing process.
17. Closing Lines to Share your presentation/Business & WHEN to share them!
18. How to get your prospect on the Phone
19. No-pressure phone Closing Skills
20. Follow Up!
21. Using Social Media for Massive Duplication!

Wow, that’s a lot ;) You don’t have to learn those skills at once, I don’t know what kind of problems or struggle you have but I am pretty sure if you could learn 1 or 2 skills from this list your business will skyrocket.
You can learn more about Jessica’s super powerful course HERE or click the image below this Post.Ray Higdon - Jessica Higdon - Tanya Aliza - Shannon Cobb - Cesar L Rodriguez - Kamil Migas - Network Marketing - MLM - Recruiting - Scripts - Leads - Prospecting - 10K - Moeny

Learn powerful how to recruit on facebook and other social media below!



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“How To Sign People Up To MLM On Facebook“
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