There is a specific way of recruiting for your MLM Company. Read this post to learn powerfully Recruitment Process and start signing people up to your MLM.

As you probably know you grow your network marketing business by selling products and recruiting representatives to your team. Everything sound simple. But the reality is that many people struggle with signing people up to their Home Based Business.

Recruitment Process: Fear

Fear of rejection is the biggest obstacle for network marketers. Especially beginners NEED to make a sign up NOW, to get money back for their kit and to possibly make some extra money. They put a lot of emotions into the prospecting and recruitment process. The first thing you should do it to calm down and realize that you don’t have to recruit everyone and there are other millions of people waiting for you. Your job is to sign up people who are open.

Recruitment Process: This Is The Deal

When you are recruiting someone to your business be sure that you say the truth. If you tell them some imagined stories like you make $50K but the reality is that you make only $4K even if you recruit someone they will leave soon after they find out the truth. When you recruit someone you don’t have to explain every small detail about your business by yourself. I am sure that you company have some kind of tools like CD, DVD, Ebook, Websites etc. where you prospects can learn more about the products and business. Of course, you need to have some knowledge and the best way will be if you are using the product, but it’s not necessary to know every small detail of the comp plan etc.

How To Recruit Correctly 

There are 2 powerful steps to recruit people to your network marketing opportunity.
Speed Prospecting and Follow Up.

People make a huge mistake trying to recruit someone in the first conversation. This causes huge REJECTION and your prospects see you just as any other salesman. If you want to recruit 5x more people than you usually do follow the steps below.

1. Friendly conversation
2. Ask about their job, family, etc.
3. Ask a question with a compliment and curiosity trigger
4. Get their contact Info.

1. Hello, how are you doing?
2. I was curious if you guys have better shoes than this one (a talk with a store stuff)
3. Thank you. Seems like you love your job because you know everything about…. . I am impressed.
4. Listen I gotta to the meeting but I wanted to know if you are open to a side project where you can …. (make extra money, build relationships, loose weight, get healthy) etc.

After you get their contact info, wait a day or two and follow up with them.

1. Hello.
2. Compliment.
3. Set up the time
4. Let’s talk at that time.

1. Hey Kate, It’s Kamil. We talked about a side project where you can…. 2 days ago.
2. I was really impressed because it looked to me that you are a hard worker and you learn constantly new things about your job.
3. I have prepared some info about the side project for you, how soon can you be in front of the PC for about 15 min?
4. Perfect. I constantly have something going on and I like to keep myself busy so let’s talk at ……, just be in front of the PC and I will call you at ……

After that just let her/him know the link to the website where you have your business presentation.

This is a powerful process because it doesn’t say anything about your business and it doesn’t cause much of the rejection. People don’t like to waste time, and this process is very quick.

I hope you could get some helpful info and you will crush it next time you prospect someone to your MLM Company.


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