Need New Clients And Reps? Use This $10 Tool To Solve Your Problem!

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August 1, 2016
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Jessica Higdon – Social Media Recruiting Free Tips
August 2, 2016

Online & Offline Entrepreneurs struggle to get New Clients & Reps. In this post, you will learn how to get New Clients and Reps for your Business.New Clients How To Kamil Migas Blog

Any type of business is based on people who buy products or use a service. It doesn’t matter if your business is Online or Offline, in order to grow it you need new clients and reps. The biggest problem is to find people who will trust you and your business enough to buy things from you.

In the past, salesmen were knocking people’s doors trying to sell a vacuum cleaner. Now, we have the internet which gives you and your business unlimited sources of people who are hungry for your product or service. But, if you don’t know how to leverage the internet you will get stuck and you won’t be able to get new clients or recruit new reps.

New Clients and Reps – First Problem

Unfortunately, people don’t trust each other and many people have doubts about something that they never tried before. To sell more product and recruit more people you need to build their trust or make people feel that they really need your product, service or business opportunity. The best way is to use both strategies.

New Clients and Reps – Second Problem

Where to find hungry people and how to show them your presentation. Every day there are millions of people on the internet, based on that it should be easy to sell more product and grow your business right? Actually, it’s not that hard when you know how to do it. It depends on your business type but for some network marketing, online sales, recruiting the etc. type of business you will need the only a couple of things to make your business skyrocket.

The basic things you need to triple your results:

1. Some kind of website.
2. Some kind of lead generation tool
3. One or Two social media profiles.

3 simple things that could bring new clients and new reps to your business daily.


Which is better?
A) Trying to get a new client with current knowledge and struggle for the next 4 weeks to get 1 new client?
B) Use the Tools and Knowledge of those who make it happen for only $10?

I don’t need to be a mindreader to know your answer. $10 is the price of 2 Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks or a Big Mac & COKE at McDonalds. So you can choose, between a delicious Big Mac or a Faster Business Grow.

The Tools From The Inside – No Secrets, No Doubts

If you don’t want to waste time for checking all the info now and you think $10 is worth for even trying out to grow your business you can CLICK HERE to register and see everything from the inside by yourself.

Check The Things You Get When You Create Your Profile!


It’s not a secret that your results are the reflection of your knowledge. In order to do anything better, you need to the right knowledge. To get new clients and to recruit more people into your organization you need to know where to find them and how to make them sign up or buy from you.

What if you had all the tested strategies of all the Online & Offline sales and recruiting methods in front of you?

Let’s say that you like Facebook and you would love to use it as a tool for your  business but you don’t want people to see you as SPAMMER, you want people to see you as serious Business Owner. Most people don’t know it, but some silly mistakes on Social Media can damage your whole brand. So if you want to use Facebook to get new clients and to recruit more people I suggest you to watch The Facebook Profile Customization and The FaceBook Secrets to Connect with YOUR Best Prospects Training. Once you create your profile HERE you will be able to watch those training as many times as you want. Of course, no once limits you to Only Facebook. Check quick preview below to see the training where you will learn exactly how to build your business.

There are more training than on this quick preview including Weekly Bonuses and Free Mastermind Webinars where you can get your Questions Answered.
New Clients and Reps - Training Bonuses


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Powerful tool to Manage all your Leads and build a relationship with them. When you build a relationship with your potential customers you have an opportunity to sell or recruit at will. People buy from people who they trust, so CRM is a perfect tool to keep all the information about your prospect in one place.
New Clients and Reps - CRM PRO 2

Webinar Platform

Webinars are very powerful in Online Business.New Clients and Reps - Webinars On Air
Doesn’t matter you are doing a network marketing business or you are just selling affiliate products online. When you do Live Webinar you can engage with your audience. You can share with them valuable knowledge and make them excited about your product or service. This webinar platform is one of the best webinar platforms out there. Due to the power of this webinar platform, it can’t be Free for forever, but once you create your profile HERE, you will get 30-day free access to this Webinar Platform to help you earn profits right away.

Lead Capture Pages & Page Builder

Start Making Money Online Blogging - Lead Capture PagesAs I mentioned before, leads are the key to business growth. Whenever you use the internet to generate leads you to need a lead capture page. Opt-in (Lead Capture Page) is nothing more than Simple but the Attractive page where people who are hungry for your offer enter their name, email and sometimes phone number to receive the valuable information. It will cost you to ask a designer to create a single page for you and software that do it for you are not cheap as well. Once you become a member, you will have access to many already created Lead Capture Pages and you will be able to build your own lead pages with your text, graphics, videos, and layout. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult, you don’t need to know any coding knowledge. You can build your own capture pages in minutes with simple Drag & Drop technology.

Here are more incredible tools and resources
that are available to you once you create your profile HERE.

Blogging Platform –
(Start Blogging To Gain Trust, Provide Value & Attract More People)

– Lead Magnets –
(Designed for you FREE offers to attract high-quality leads)

– Affiliate Products –
(Digital Products created by Top Earners. Make money by sharing Digital Products)

– Custom Links & Cookies –
(Make Profits By People Who Click On Your Links)

– Support & Community –
(Thousands of Online Marketers and Leaders who are willing to answer your questions)

All the tools, products, and platforms are available when you create your profile. No matter what you currently need, more leads, more reps, make extra money or learn more about the online business world, you can find everything inside. I want you to get better results in your business, so after you create your profile here, let’s connect on a facebook or other social media so I could help you even more. I am also doing free webinars from time to time to answer questions of my community so I will send you a personal message and invitation to a webinar after you create your profile.


Have an awesome day my friend! 

Kamil Migas

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Need New Clients And Reps?
Use This $10 Tool To Solve Your Problem!”
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