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November 24, 2014
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January 1, 2015

Information in this blog post might be obvious toKamil Migas - People some people, but many people have one specific type of fear that stops them from recruiting people to their company or even stops them from joining network marketing company. Many people don’t even realize this fear because it’s subconscious, of course not to everybody. Some people see this fear as common problem and they talk about it laud.

This fear or doubt was preventing me from taking action and recruiting people. It was common obstacle for me and it became my nature so I didn’t even see the core of the problem. Until I prospected 3 people today’s afternoon. Those 3 people told me exactly same objection when I prospected them.

After I shared with them details about what I do they said: “Wow, this is cool. We can actually earn money by having a lot of fun!” Until this point everything was great, usually in this scenario your prospects are ready to join, but this time was different. Their objection was: “There are thousands of MLM companies out there. Kamil Migas - People - WorldThere are thousands of people in this company. World is not that big you know. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE TO TALK TO ABOUT THIS BUSINESS. Chances that we meet people who don’t know it yet is pretty low.”
After handling their objection and having short chat with them, they didn’t join. Well I don’t like to spend too much time on somebody that had some negative emotions attached to what we do here so I moved forward.

Here is the lesson for people who have doubt that “The world is not that big” and “there are not enough people to talk to”.  Go outside and LOOK AROUND YOU!
If every single day you could bring on board 1% of people you see on the streets every single day, you will build million dollar business very fast.

Kamil Migas - People - MLM HatersPeople think that everybody knows how Network Marketing works; everybody had bad experience with this industry and thinks its a scam. People think that people around them don’t have enough money to join, don’t have the time and motivation, well those reasons are exact reasons why they SHOULD join, don’t you think?

People and network marketing leaders say” there are so many people to talk to, check Facebook stats! Over billion users! How about Instagram? Millions ? Billions of people?!”
Yeah, numbers…..
It’s different when you see “numbers” and it’s different when you seeKamil Migas - People - Numbers real people. Seeing 1 million dollar in your bank account will not make you feel that great as seeing 1 million dollar on the table in front of you, you will still be happy to see the numbers in your back account but it will be less emotion happiness.

So, let me help you out. If you are in the group of people who think there are not enough people to talk to let me show you something:
Kamil Migas - Many People - 1 Kamil Migas - Many People - 2 Kamil Migas - Many People - 3 Kamil Migas - Many People - 4

I could paste here as many different photos as possible but you are not here to see photos from Google.
You see, many people think that there are not enough people to talk to and that’s why they don’t  join your company or they think there are not enough people so they are afraid to prospect people because they will run out of people to talk to.
The truth is that maybe 2/10 people you see on the street knows about network marketing and maybe only half of those who know really deeply “hate” mlm. What does it mean? If before noon you see 100 people only 10 of them will not join network marketing company. Some of those people may not join right away because they need to take care of their things first, some of those people will join right away. (but how can you know if you don’t prospect them?)

One more Very important thing. You can build huge team only in your city. No matter how small your city is there are people that will join your business. But I have a question. What are you doing Right Now? Well your answer will be “Reading your blog moron!” and where did you get access to this blog?
Yeah exactly! The Internet! Realize something, there was a time Kamil Migas - People - Westernthat there was no internet and people were communicating only by standard mail, even that they could build network marketing business. Now you can reach anyone anywhere. You can send emails, messages and comments on people’s posts and profiles who live on the other side of the World! Isn’t this powerful? Now when we think about numbers and network marketing haters it won’t be 2/10. Thanks to the internet this number is hmm, I don’t know 2/1000? Maybe 2/10K ?. So what are you going to do about it ?

Are you still afraid to talk to people and prospect them because you will “run out of people to talk to” ?
Come one! Wake up!  Maybe it’s hard to believe but there are people who WISH you call them and introduce them your business. There are people that pray every day for some change in their life. How the hell can you find them if you are afraid of loosing people to talk to ?!

Kamil Migas - People - WalkingGo outside, go walk, go party, meet some people, see the world and how many people are out there. If you stay in your home all day long trying to build your business it’s normal to feel “there are not enough people to talk to” because you don’t see anybody! You can’t possibly see how many people are out there!
You want to build your team? Talk to more people!
Where can you find more people? Everywhere!
I got a little bit emotional in this blog post because this doubt, fear and excuse was holding me back for very long.

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Have a great day!

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