Can’t pick yourself up after a mental breakdown? In this post, I will share few ways you can use to pick yourself up even if you think it’s the end of the road. 

Being entrepreneur is not easy because you have to overcome a lot of obstacles, you have to learn new things about the world, people and yourself. If you are an entrepreneur you probably know what I am talking about. The amount of things you need to learn and get good at can scare some people and they decide that they don’t need to be successful. This is totally OK if they are happy with working for somebody.

There are however entrepreneurs who say “I will succeed no matter what”. This is great attitude and those people have a big chance of becoming top leaders and top earners in their industry. But, in most cases, those are the people who experience major breakdowns. The reason is easy to understand. Those who choose to quit the Entrepreneurial Journey are OK with going back to work for somebody else, so if they fall and they don’t succeed it’s not as big problem as for people who want to succeed no matter what.

Those people, usually fall a couple of times before they create a breakthrough. They work freaking hard to achieve their goals, but often things don’t go the way they want. They fail, get depressed but still at some point they want to succeed. That’s why they are looking for a way to pick themselves up.

Pick Yourself Up

How long does a mental breakdown last

It really depends on your personality and your vision. Some people stay in depression for few hours, some have a major breakdown for weeks or even a months. Well, I am in the second group of people. There were things in my life that smashed my mindset, personal life and business life with a hammer. I won’t get here into details, but the past involves, debt collectors, no money at all and staying in the hospital couple of times. At some point, I got really depressed and because of that, I disappointed a lot of people. The saddest part is that I disappointed whose who were the most supportive.

I feel deeply sorry for them, but I don’t feel sorry for myself at all. I do fully understand that everything that was happening in the past was the result of my action. The whole breakdown lasted for a very long time, I wasn’t even able to response to people who were waiting for my reply. Well, at that time the most annoying thing was the small voice in my head saying “Pick Yourself Up”!

When you feel like I felt the supportive voice in your mind can be really annoying and at some point you can even start to hate yourself. But well, something had to change because this way I was falling down fast, and the ground was getting closer and closer.

The Question

If you are looking for a way to pick yourself up first you need to ask yourself a question: “Do I really want to quit on my dreams and goals?“. I know that in a weird and depressing state of mind it’s easy to say “Yes, I want to quit”, but what comes next? If you quit working on your dreams and goals, what can do you? Do you have any alternative idea that can make you happy? I bet you don’t. I bet you don’t have a plan and ideas that could you make your life fulfilled. Because the life is about happiness and fulfillment.

I realize that if you in a place where I used to be, you truly don’t give a F*** about the happiness and fulfillment right now, but believe me your current feelings will change.

Mental Breakdown Recovery

Below you can find ideas that will help you to recover. If you do at least couple of it, you will not only pick yourself up but you will set yourself on the right path to a breakthrough in business and life.

Eat Healthy Food

When you feel down, you want to make yourself feel good at least by the food you like. In most cases, the food that you so believe it’s the best food is a junk food! This is a bull crap!. Junk food makes you feel good and feels “Happier” only for about 10 minutes (while you are eating it).

But the final result is that you gain weight, your cholesterol gets high and your blood is not functioning the right way. How can this help you pick yourself up? The mind and the body are connected so in order to pick yourself up you need to start taking care of your body.

What can help you to pick yourself from a mental breakdown are fruits. Fruits help you get the vitamins and it refreshes your body. If you just can’t handle eating sweets and if you feel that you will get crazy if you don’t get come chocolate than choose the dark chocolate instead of strawberry one.

Create a Playlist

Music is very important for your mood. I am not sure how it works, but the right choose of music really impact our vibes so you need to create a playlist of songs and music which calms you down or uplifts you. I personally love uplifting songs so when I go out I always have my MP3 player with me. This helps me stay motivated and energetic.

The Outfit

No matter how you feel inside, you should always try to look best. You should try to force yourself feel successful even if you feel totally down. Wearing nice clothes empowers your subconscious mind. The small thing like outfit tells your mindset that you are looking good, that you are great and you are preparing for achieving goals.


I am sure you have a situation in your life where you had a fight with someone or you were feeling upset, but after you took a nap you realized that the fight was so stupid and meaningless. Taking a nap help our cells to rebuild, our body rests but our even we have crazy dreams all the time, our mind rests as well. Often we have dreams that help us solve our problem subconsciously, this is one of the reasons why we feel better after we take a nap.

Re-create Your Vision

If you will try to move forward without knowing where you are going you will get lost and tired. The best way to pick yourself up is to re-create your vision. At this point where you are experiencing the mental breakdown, you can’t succeed. Whatever business action you take won’t work so it’s a waste of your time, trying to build a business when you are depressed.

Take as much time as you need to build your vision. This is a major key to everybody’s success. It doesn’t matter if it will take weeks or months, you might loose friends, business partners and you might get kicked out from the flat because of the late rent. But it all doesn’t matter when you are in the process of recovery and vision building.

Your need to work on building your vision until it’s strong and bright enough to pull you through the dark clouds of the mental breakdown. You can search in my previous posts because in the past I wrote a lot about creating a strong and bright vision.

Embrace gratitude

To start feeling better you need to start feeling good about other things and other people. What are you thankful for? Don’t say that you are not thankful for anything because that’s not true. Even I don’t know you, I can say that you at least should be thankful for being able to breathe and for being able to see. You are reading this it means you are alive and you can see. How many people don’t get this opportunity?

How many kids don’t have the opportunity to make friends, eat ice cream or see mothers smile? You got used to being alive and it’s so normal thing for you. When you think about all the people that can’t do the things you do, you should appreciate the universe, God or whatever you believe that you’ve got the opportunity to do the “normal” things like breathing, eating, seeing etc.

Another thing is that you should feel gratitude toward all the people who helped you in the past. The power of gratitude is big. No matter who you are, I don’t believe that you were born alone and until now you spend your whole life alone. It’s just impossible. Well, if you are some kind of TARZAN maybe you spend whole life without people but you had al least warm heart gorillas close to you. Just kidding.

Appreciate everybody who helped you somehow in the past. You can’t start to feel good about yourself and you can’t overcome the mental breakdown if you first don’t feel thankful for others.

I Will Succeed Attitude

No matter where I am not, no matter my current circumstances I will succeed. This is what you should tell yourself every day. One thing is for sure, you didn’t give up. Even your life kinda sucks right now, you didn’t give up. People who are rich right now can tell you their stories. They can tell you how crappy their life was and what kind of obstacles they had to overcome to succeed. Even it wasn’t easy they didn’t give up.

Don’t you believe that you can succeed? Don’t you think that you are on the right path to success? Realize one thing. You are still reading this long post! It means you are up to something even if you are not sure yet about your goals!

Constantly telling yourself that you will succeed will shift your mindset. You can pick yourself up if you start to believe that you can do amazing things, and to start believing you need to constantly hear it. If there is anybody that can tell you this every day, you need to be the one to say it to yourself.

Alright, this post is way longer than I expected. I hope that I could help you pick yourself up. Even if you are not fully recovered from the mental breakdown yet, please realize that any breakthrough starts with s single step. I went through a lot of things on my entrepreneurial journey and I know ti’s not easy to build your dreams. But if you give up on your dreams and goals, how can you live the happy life?

Be Unstoppable! Follow Your Dreams!

Kamil Migas

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