If people constantly tell you that it’s impossible for you to achieve your dreams, get mad and prove people wrong. Achieve your Goals! Prove People Wrong

Most of the people struggle with rejection. When people who are close to you reject you, your ideas and laugh at your goals it’s hard to pick yourself up. It’s hard to overcome this because, at your journey, you need people that support you. In most cases, people who are the closest to you will try to pull you down.

Some of them will laugh at your goals behind your back, some of them will laugh at you in front of you trying to make you feel that it’s impossible to achieve your goals. If you are struggling with this kind of people read this post to learn how to achieve your goals when everybody is against you!

Prove People Wrong

I had so many people laughing at what I do. Some of them are still saying that it’s impossible to achieve what I want to achieve and they constantly ask me if by thing is a legal.  My mother is constantly asking if my “thing” is legal or not. I don’t carte much about it anymore but my wife gets pissed each time she hears this ridiculous question from my mother.

When you are starting an entrepreneurial journey you find yourself in a place where people don’t understand you. Well, they don’t have to understand you because they are not you. The biggest mistake I did when I started a business was trying to please everyone and I really wanted people to understand me and what I was doing. This way of thinking we can’t call as an entrepreneurial mindset.

“It’s all about you. Don’t care what others say”

Easy to say, harder to do right? Let’s be honest. All positive and beautiful sayings don’t fit most of the people. If everyone lived the life as all the beautiful saying suggest people will have no stress at all. It’s important to be positive, open-minded, optimistic etc. but come one, if toxic people bother you, can you really ignore them? Most of the people can’t ignore, even if they don’t say anything back to those people, the negative feeling crashes their confidence and motivation.

Whole success journey is in your mind, you can achieve your dreams because you are the one that has full control of your life. But, if you have a lot of people who tell you that you can’t achieve a goal and if you keep being irritated by that then I think there is no mindset training that could change that. It’s your personality that get’s bothered, it’s who you are. It’s it’s you, then you should care about other’s opinion! Do Care!

Prove People Wrong Trigger

Why should you care what other’s think or say? Because you can use it as a fuel.

Some people find some internal motivational triggers. It’s enough for them that they are focusing on their vision. I talk a lot about creating a vision because I believe that with a great vision you can improve your life. But for some people, the internal motivation is not enough. Some people, need a strong kick in the butt to make a change. I don’t know if it’s you, but for most of my journey till now I was “Sure” that I don’t need any external motivators. Well, I admit. I was wrong.

Creating a breakthrough here and there feels good. Getting better results each time you work hard to improve your business or life feels good. But I felt that I am missing something. I believe that I was missing the external motivator. Believing that I can use a fuel which I created to help me take action was wrong.

Cars & Fuel

Maybe my knowledge about car brands is too small but I don’t think there is a car creating a company that also creates gasoline. There are many great brands like Toyota, BMW, Mustang etc. They make amazing cars but all of them need a fuel which another company creates. I am not sure if you get what I am saying, but if you have a problem with motivation maybe it means that you can’t run on the fuel you created? This is what happened to me!

For years I was searching on google How to stay motivated”. Some of the suggestions helped, for few days. Something was wrong.

The internal motivation (fuel I created) wasn’t good enough for me. Like Diesel can’t run on a regular gasoline I was just losing energy and self-beliefs that I could make things work. If you are struggling with staying motivated I suggest you find some external motivators.

People say that you shouldn’t prove people wrong. It’s all about you etc. But we are not all the same.

People who achieved success for sure they know more about making money and creating a successful business than people who constantly fail, but it doesn’t mean that everyone’s personality must be like theirs in order to achieve success.

Get Mad

People constantly tell you that you are stupid? Prove them wrong! They constantly tell you that you are not gonna make it? Prove them wrong!

Instead of hiding in the shadows working on your dream where no one can see, get mad and say “shut the f*** up and watch me!“. What’s wrong with that? Some people may say “you shouldn’t keep negative feelings”. But feeling stressed and small isn’t negative? Hearing people telling you “You stupid! You can’t succeed!” isn’t negative?

You shouldn’t keep hatred toward others. You should be a person that can forgive, but getting mad because no one believes in you I don’t think it’s bad. This could be a perfect trigger for you to create a breakthrough. You could use this feeling to help you keep going no matter what.
Get mad so much that you will become unstoppable until you achieve that goal. Until you show them that they were wrong!

Feeling tired because of all the crappy opinions about you and your ideas? You feel down because no one believes in you? Pick yourself up, get mad and prove people wrong. Show them that they don’t know you and they have no idea what you are capable of. Don’t ask how to start over just start taking any kind of action toward your goals and become successful.

Be Unstoppable! Follow Your Dreams!

Kamil Migas

What To Do When People Laugh At Your Success Journey

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  • Hi Kamil,

    Many folks – most glaringly, family and friends – create resistance for us to see how clear we are willing to get on our path to fun, to happiness, to freedom and to do what we love doing. Any critical person genuinely admires what we do but is so fear-filled in their own life and choices that they outwardly criticize what we do, having not the emotional maturity and clarity to work on their own mindset to deal with their own fears.

    Carry on, my friend :) You’re doing awesome.


  • Really amazing article …. very nice … Thanks for sharing this!! :) :)