There are a couple of reasons why people struggle to sign people up for MLM. Check out those reasons and maybe you can find out why you are still struggling.

Most people don’t talk to enough people.

You can write a blog, record video or create Ads daily but even that you still have to talk to people. So many online MLM marketers are waiting for people to reach out to them. You still can “make money” by ONLY people who reach out to you but the BIG money and Success are in connecting with people. That can be online or offline. If you want to make money only by people who are willing to contact with you then you will make only small money.

Most people don’t believe in their product.

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A lot of people join MLM companies only for making money. They don’t care what kind of product or service that company has. Most of them don’t even believe their company’s “DIET SHAKE” will help to loose weight, but even that they will still try to sell it. Let me ask you a question. Will you be excited to talk to somebody about something that you DON’T believe?

They don’t believe in MLM.

If you still have doubts and you ask yourself “is it pyramid scheme/scam/BS?” then you don’t fully believe in MLM. Think about your day job company or some organizations like boy scouts. All of them have the shape of a pyramid CEO->president->supervisors-> etc. Who earns the most money? A person on the TOP. In MLM you can make more and more money then you upline or even their upline. When someone ask you to join their MLM company think about it as an INVITATION for a life changing experience ;) NOT some kind of “scammy” inner circle.

People don’t follow up.

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If you think you will sign up somebody on your first interaction with that person you are wrong. It’s not impossible but it is rare. Some people need a little bit more time to decide something, some people need more information and excitement to join an MLM business. If you are not following up with your leads you won’t sign up many people.

Most people try to sign people without using a system.

Your company or product have a video, brochure, presentation, testimonials etc. You need to use them. You will be struggling a lot if you want to explain about your business all by yourself. Good MLM Company or MLM system has tools and resources designed to help you explain company’s plan and strategy. It is silly not to use them.

Their e-mail title is terrible.

Many people send e-mails to prospects with title like “You WON!”, “you should take a look at this!” or “This is the greatest opportunity! Just STOP. When you send that kind of e-mail I guarantee only a few people will even open that e-mail and maybe 5% to 10% of that few people will even click on your link from your e-mail.

They don’t believe in themselves

People want to join MLM company under somebody who they trust and believe. If you don’ believe in yourself why somebody else should believe in you? Learn to believe in yourself, I mean REALLY BELIEVE and you will see that your results will get better. Let me know if you want some support and if you want to know how to believe in yourself more deeply.

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Most people will not reach out to a person who is successful.

MLM marketers usually reach out to people who really need money. But think about it, if they are broke and need money NOW will they be willing to pay a membership fee or buy your product? I don’t think so.

Only people with special mindset will do it. Usually, broke people don’t have the proper mindset to invest and start a business. Don’t be scared to reach out to people who are more successful than you! People who already have some success and obviously have money have also proper mindset for biz. They know what it takes to make it happen, they are willing to invest money and in the past, they were in your situation.Everyone who has some success now started with nothing or very small thing ;) I like how T.Harv Eker says it: “Every master was ones a disaster”. Reach out to people who has success and has money. You will be amazed how open-minded they are.

Everyone who has some success now started with nothing or very small thing ;) I like how T.Harv Eker says it: “Every master was ones a disaster”. Reach out to people who has success and has money. You will be amazed how open-minded they are.

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Hopefully, this post will help you and your business. If you got some value from this post comment and share it.

I believe everyone can be successful. Now it’s your turn! 

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“Reasons Why People Can’t Sign People Up For MLM”
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