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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

First of all, you should understand how affiliate marketing works. Think franchise. As an affiliate, you basically promote and sell other’s people products to earn a commission. The difference is that when you open a franchise store you need to invest a lot of money. With this business, you don’t have to invest a lot. Sometimes you don’t have to invest anything to start making money today.

For example, if you Become an Affiliate of Amazon you don’t have to invest anything. The only thing you have to do is to register as an Affiliate in Amazon’s Affiliate Program. Then you will have access to all the products which you can promote to earn small commissions.

You earn money when people buy through your Affiliate Link. An affiliate link is a product link that includes your user ID. For example, if your Affiliate username is “BenBob” than an affiliate link could look like this: When people purchase a product through your link you will earn a commission.

This is how the it works. Not complicated right?

Affiliate Programs That Pay

There are hundreds of programs out there that pay the good money for the affiliate sales. If you want to make sure that you actually get paid for your efforts I suggest to become an affiliate of these companies and products:

1. Amazon Affiliate

2. MOBE – My Online Business Education

4. Immediate Yes Formula – Cesar L. Rodriguez

5. 3 min Expert – Ray Higdon 

7. ClickBank

8. Rakuten Marketing

9. CJ Affiliates

These are programs and products which I use to generate multiple streams of income. Everything happens online and works well!

Affiliate Marketing Online Tips

As I mentioned before you earn a commission when people buy things through your affiliate link. There are a lot of people who try to promote affiliate links on social media but in most cases, it doesn’t work. It works when you already are an authority and many people follow you and constantly learn from you. If you are not there yet and you don’t have a luck then it will be very difficult for you to sell affiliate products by posting your links on the social media posts. Of course, you can learn how to do it to increase your sales and you can learn how to become an authority online. If you want to use social media like facebook, LinkedIn or twitter for building your business and income I suggest you learn from Pros. > Click Here To Learn <.

The better way to make constant Affiliate Sales is Blogging.

Why Blogging?

When you write a piece of content it stays on the internet forever. So imagine a situation where you write a blog post with your affiliate link, after few months you totally forget about that post and then suddenly you earn a commission from that link. That’s amazing scenario, isn’t it? Well, that happens all the time. I get commissions from posts I forgot about. This is the power of your own content on the internet. You can earn commissions from the work you did couple od months or even years before.

Another thing is that you can attract the right audience with your blog. Depends on, what you are selling you can target a group of people who are already looking for same or similar product. For example, if you are selling Exercise DVDs you can write posts where you share exercise tips. This way you will attract people who are trying to lose weight. They are already searching for the information on the internet, so if you can give them some value there is a big possibility that they will also get interested in you affiliate product. This is how you can start making money by blogging.

The Content

Content is very important because it can attract and push away your audience. You need to focus on people’s problems. If you are writing to entrepreneurs you need to ask yourself what problems they could have. When you learn about people’s problems and when you will be able to answer their questions people will start to trust you and they will be visiting your blog and they will be buying your things.

Choose the right market. In some previous blog post, I mentioned that you shouldn’t try to sell a car to a person who doesn’t even have a driving license. It’s common sense. Before you create a blog or if you have a blog already that before writing a post ask yourself, what is the major problem of my audience and how can I help them to solve it.

Another thing is that you shouldn’t focus on everyone or those people that might be interested. It’s better to reach out the small group of people who already want your product than reach out to a huge group of people where you have no idea what they like.

If you want to watch affiliate marketing training that explains everything about marketing, content, how to target audience and what to write to attract buyers, you can watch Ray’s Videos Here

This type of business is great for everybody. It’s low investment and high payout. If you are a busy parent or a person who just want to earn more to be able to quit the primary job you can become an affiliate marketer. You can promote your products after you job or when your kids are sleeping because technically you need just a laptop and access to the internet.

Thank you for reading!

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