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I Am Useless – How To Change The Loser Mentality
June 10, 2016
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How To Make 500 Dollars Online Monthly
June 17, 2016

I know that sometimes it’s hard for you to Stay Motivated, especially when you are tired. Read this post to learn how you can Stay Motivated even your current circumstances push you away from getting motivational thoughts.Stay Motivated- Work From Home - SAHM - onlinebusiness

Without a motivation, it’s hard to do anything. If you feel that there is no hope, you are not good at something, you are tired and you start to feel like a loser it’s almost impossible for you to take care of the business or even your family. Without the optimistic energy, you will end up sitting on the chair with a beer watching some tv show and you will not even go take a shower even you didn’t do it for past few days.

The best way to get some life energy that will give you a hope and will keep you charged
is a good motivation.

To Stay Motivated You Need To Find Your Passion

Do You Want To Stay Motivated - PassionLet’s be clear here. If you do something that you hate it’s impossible to get motivated. Why would you use your energy on something that you don’t even have passion about? The key here is to find your Passion.

What makes you happy? What would you like to do soon after you wake up and you wouldn’t mind doing it till you go to sleep? Yes I know, there are a lot of responsibilities like your family etc. but what if you didn’t have a family and you had an unlimited bank account.You don’t have to worry about financials, you don’t need to take care of your kids and you have basically you have a free time all the time. What would you do then? You see, you need to know exactly what would you do in this scenario because that thing will make you happy, that thing probably is your passion.

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Find Your Life Purpose To Stay Motivated

Do You Want To Stay Motivated - Purpouse PhotoIf I ask you right now “What is the purpose of your life” would you be able to answer it just now without a blinking?
I believe about 80% of all people have no idea what’s their life purpose. They are not sure why you are here and what they should do. Some of the people say that their life has no purpose at all, usually, those are the people who are the saddest, depressed and financially broke.

You need to know what’s the purpose of you being here. No matter what you think or what others say, there is a reason for you being here. Maybe you want to inspire people by showing them that an average person can succeed. Maybe you want to become a teacher who shares the knowledge with students and helps them achieve their goals. Maybe you want to be the best mom in the world and provide everything your children needs. When you know what’s the purpose of your life, you will be waking up happy and full of energy because you will know that today is the day where you do what you were meant to do.

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Combine Passion and Purpose into 1 Bright Vision

Vision is very important if you want to stay motivated. No matter what you want to do. If you want to succeed in business, you want to lose weight or you want to inspire people you need to have a bigger and brighter vision.

A vision is not just wanting the expensive car or house. It’s not just willing to teach or help others. A vision is the positive feeling about the future.
You need to have at least 3 types of Visions but it can be combined with 1 big bright vision.

1. A Vision Of Future You: Who do you want to become?, What kind of person you want to be?, How people will view you?

2. A Vision Of Pleasure: How will you feel when you invite your friend for the BBQ at your new house? How will you feel wearing nice close? How will you feel waking up every morning with the person who you love and you wouldn’t have to worry about financials?

3. A Vision of Achievement: Who are you going to help? How their life is going to change after you help them? What you want to do to makes someone’s life better?

These 3 types of visions are very important for you to stay motivated. As I mentioned before, it can be combined with one big bright vision but then it should have all the elements of these 3 above.

Do You Want To Stay Motivated - VisionNo matter what your goals are you can stay motivated and work hard but at the same time for your goals. Not sure if you noticed but all the points of 3 Visions come down to you. It’s all up to you what you are going to do with your life and it’s all up to you who and how you are going to impact others. So if you are looking for a way to get or stay motivated, remember to find your passion and purpose of life to create a strong vision that will give you enough energy to do the things you need to do in order to reach your goals and to be fulfilled.

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I love listening to other people and I love to help others. If you are still struggling with getting motivated or with creating your vision Feel Free to send me an email. I will be more than happy to help you out. You can send me an email HERE

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