Tips On Creating Successful Blog To Become An Authority Online

Tips On Creating Successful Blog To Become An Authority Online

Creating Successful blog is a major key to becoming an authority online. Use these simple rules to create a Successful Blog!successful-blog-kamil-migas-blog

Many network marketers, internet marketers, and coaches want to become an Authority Online. They are focusing on creating a successful blog and they think that having a nice looking blog is enough to make them stand out from the crowd. Nice looking blog and images on it is important but more important than a look is the value. With a great value, you can create a successful blog.

In this post, I want to share some thoughts, tricks, and hacks to help you make your blog successful so you could become an Authority Online.

Successful Blog Tips and Tricks

Content Is Everything

It’s very important to know what to write about. You can’t attract realtors if you are writing about science or cars. Maybe some realtors who like those things will visit your blog, but your blog won’t be successful and you won’t be seen as an authority in a real estate area.

First, choose who is your potential audience. Later you need to find out what hurts your potential clients (your audience). Then you can write a post where you share a solution to your audience’s problems. Remember that the best strategy for selling is to solve people’s problems, not forcing to buy.

Does Blogging Fits To All Industries?

Yes and Yes! Many people think that Blogs are only for people who makes sales online. This is not a true. No matter what industry you are in you can write a successful blog and attract clients or customers to you. For example, if you are a housekeeper you can write tips about cleaning up the house. People who would search for tips on cleaning will see you as an expert and instead of doing the hard work by themselves they will prefer to hire you. The same thing is with any other industries. Network marketers can write about recruiting, realtors can give tips on what to look for when you are buying a new house etc.

Thinking that blogs are only for online sales is totally wrong.

How To Get New Posts On Google Fast

Many people wait for google to scan their blog and index new posts to the google search. This is totally waste of time and you can lose money making opportunities while waiting for Google to scan your new post.

To make your blog post showing on google search results right away you need to submit your new post to google manually.

If you don’t have Google Webmaster Tools Account yet you can register it HERE. It’s a free tool provided by google to manage your websites on google search engine. After you log into the Google Webmaster Tools add your blog and click on “Crawl“. There you will see option “Fetch as Google“. On that page just add a URL of your new post and after google renders your post you will be able to submit it to Google’s index.

This way your new and fresh blog post can be found in google search engine right away after you publish it.

Blogging & Authority Training Video

My friend and mentor is a successful entrepreneur and he created a very successful blog that attracted many clients and reps. He just released videos where he teaches how to create a Successful Blog from scratch and how to become an Authority Online to grow your business fast and to attract the right people to you.

I learned a lot from his videos and since I follow him and learn from him my business grew a lot. I want you to have the same opportunity to learn from him. You can watch his Blogging and Authority training videos HERE.

>Watch Blogging & Authority Training Videos<

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  1. I see since blogging is the quickest way to attract clients it is foremost important to know what attracts customers, isn’t it so?

  2. Kamil Migas says:

    Hey Charles! Thanks for reading my blog!
    Yes, it’s very important to know what attracts customers. I didn’t write anything about it in This Post because what attracts customers is based on the market. If we don’t think about products, services, markets etc. Then the most attractive things for the customers are the answers and solutions to their questions and problems.

    Thanks again for stopping by Charles!

  3. Hi Kamil,

    Content creation is a biggie! Smart tips ;) I publish 2 or more helpful posts weekly to benefit my readers, to have fun, and yep, some folks who see me in a positive light call me an expert. Or authority. I see myself as a chimp who strikes little tiny squares with his fingers all day long LOL. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Kamil Migas says:

    Hey Ryan!
    Thanks for reading this post! I read your posts often and yeah in my eyes you are an expert. Your posts are entertaining and you share a lot of great value!
    Don’t stop writing because people including me love your content ;)

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Check Ryan’s Blog Here: Ryan’s Post ! You won’t regret it!

  5. steve mwangi says:

    Excellent post ! Thanks for sharing with us

  6. Kamil Migas says:

    Hey, Steve!
    Glad you like it. Thanks for the comment!


  7. Good one! Thank you for sharing such an informative content.

  8. Kamil Migas says:

    Thank You Richa for reading and commenting!
    Have an awesome day!

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